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This plan is made for the girl that is ACTUALLY on the go all the time. The girl who needs to buy foods that she can eat in her car or take to work. The girl that might not have time to hit the gym everyday so she needs to make sure that her diet is on point. And it appeals to the girl who needs energy all day long so that she can be alert from 7 am until 1 in the morning.

I used to eat red meat, dairy, and processed foods DAILY. I started to notice that I was either always tired or always bloated regardless of how much I worked out so, I decided to start taking unhealthy things out of my diet one by one and began falling in love with the way I was feeling!

HUNDREDS of other girls have asked me for simple, plant based meals, healthy on-the-go snacks and tips on reducing bloat so I decided to write down everything I personally ate for 1 week and put it all in this meal plan just for you guys. 

It includes:

  • My story
  • My tips for success
  • My favorite staple items and how they are beneficial
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and some desserts for 7 days
  • Grocery List with EVERYTHING that you will need

By sticking to this meal plan I noticed that I had sustained energy throughout the day, I never felt deprived or hungry, I didn't experience any bloat, and I felt like my mind was clear and positive. 

What we eat seriously contributes to the way we act and feel. Try this meal plan if you're looking for a re-set, a new start, or just a little guidance in the right direction. 



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+Plant protein shake

+ Cous Cous Toast

+ Quinoa Veggie Stir Fry

+ Tuna Salad

+ Cilantro Salad 

+ Nori Rolls


Videographer and creative director: @theeternalchild

7 Day meal plan strictly for girls on the go. Have sustained energy all day long with this gluten free, 90% plant-based, super food packed meal plan.