Receive one on one educated programming that is personalized to you and your goals!

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1 Month At Home Personalized Training Plans:

This is essentially Chelsey’s one on one personal training, brought online. She will have a free 20-30 minute phone consultation call with you to go over your goals, past workout experience, current workout schedule, and available equipment. From there she will create a personalized one month training plan for you in the Trainerize app.

Trainerize is an organized way of seeing exactly what your workouts are for the day in the in app calendar. Each exercise has a video demo and the app tracks your progress so that you always know when you’ve hit a new personal record!

The app also allows two way messaging with Chelsey so that anytime you have a question about your plan, exercise form, or exercise substitutions, you can ask Chelsey directly.

Email to set up your free consultation call.



1 Month at Home Body Weight Program

This program is already set up and ready to go! Chelsey designed this program with women in mind who are at home without any equipment.

The Program is one month, consisting of 3 training sessions a week, 2 light cardio days, and 1 run day totaling to 6 days of movement a week.

Each training session is about 35 minutes long. 

The training sessions consist of 2 circuits. Each circuit is to be done back to back twice without rest.




One Month  At Home Light Weight Program

This program is one that you can go download right now! It simply requires 5 and 10lb dumbbells and a booty band. Chelsey felt that this was an appropriate combination of at home equipment for most women right now.

This plan includes 4 workouts, one booty circuit, one 3 mile run day and one 10K walk day.



One Week Trail: At Home Workouts

Interested in checking out the app and trying some of Chelsey’s at home equipment free workouts? Start today for $5.00! Get 7 at home workouts + access to the Trainerize app, + cardio options.

During this time you can reach out to Chelsey directly in the app to ask her any questions you may have regarding at home training plans!




∴ In Person ∴


E-mail to set up your first free 1 hour assessment

– Live in Los Angeles and feel like it’s time for a personal training coach? Chelsey trains men and women of any age and from any fitness background at Show Up Fitness located in West Hollywood. Chelsey has worked with men and women recovering from herniated disks, bulging disks, achilles tendon tears and knee injuries such as ACL or meniscus tears. 

– Currently she has clients that range from women who haven’t been to the gym in years, to women who have worked with another trainer for 6 months but haven’t seen any results, to women who lost weight but weren’t seeing any toning results.

– Chelsey’s one on one personal training includes help with macros, and food log accountability plus education during each session regarding things such as Non Exercise Activity Factor, Thermic Effect of Food, Activity Factor, and Basil Metabolic Rate.

– If you’re ready to actually start seeing the results you’ve been looking for, e-mail to set up your first free 1 hour assessment. The assessment will be at Show Up Fitness with Chelsey where she will ask you about your goals, past and current training and injuries, sleep, stress, family history and nutrition (apx 20-30 mins). From there you will spend apx 30 minutes on the floor in a mock training session where Chelsey will assess your movement patterns and exercise endurance.

– Pricing will be discussed after the mock training portion as prices vary depending on how many sessions are purchased up front and how often you are looking to train.


– Have a buddy that you want to workout with or a group training event you’d like Chelsey to lead? E-mail to inquire about group training sessions, events and pricing.

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