Alright so this is sort of a little baby experiment that I wanted to do, and to be honest… I was PRETTTY surprised!

I asked you guys a question the other day on my instagram that said,

Would you rather kill yourself in the gym, or eat clean?

Honestly I thought that most people would find it easier to just eat clean but the majority of you said that you would rather kill it in the gym.

This is totally how I used to be. I would eat whatever because I knew that I would run it off in soccer practice. BUT when I had to quit soccer and I kept eating whatever I wanted, the pounds STACKED ON. 

Like 25 of them. No, I’m not exaggerating. 

I was still waking up eating two Eggo waffles every morning with peanut butter and syrup (so bad but so gooood, lol.) when one morning my dad said, “You can’t eat crap like that anymore unless you’re doing some kind of sport or working out.” Uh, excuse me??

I feel like this was one of those times where I stopped chewing with my eggo sandwhich in my hands, with syrup and shit all over me and just had CONFUSION stamped all over my face.

I can’t remember if I finished that breakfast or not but I do remember that moment. (Let’s be real, I probably finished it. It probably felt like the last supper in my 16 year old drama days). 

I got so lazy that I DID NOT, definitely not, in a million years want to pick up another sport. I played soccer for years thru my Sophomore year of high school and I did Taekwondo until I reached black belt (little unknown secret). Needless to say, I WAS OVER IT.

So what did I do? 

I started eating healthier. To me it seemed easy. I think because I knew how hard I had to work out in practice in order to have my body, just knowing that I could eat healthier and also lose weight just seemed a little better all around. 

Long story, short, this is where my fitness journey really began.

After I started buying all my own groceries at my parents house and started taking my lunches to school, I quickly started seeing weight loss happen!

(Although, I’m surprised I didn’t get Mercury poisoning because I think I ate a can of tuna EVERYDAY). 

This motivated me to get back into the gym and soon enough I was IN LOVE with working out again.

This was when I really started seeing some SERIOUS changes. My back was becoming defined, my jaw line was shaping out (losing water weight from sweating), my ass was getting compliments, I WAS JUST ALL AROUND TIGHTER. Tighter ass, tighter arms, and love handles were out of my life. FINALLY. 

Oh and my cellulite? Also left with my love handles. I hope they’re happy together. 

Besides the physical benefits though, the combo of me eating clean and working out had my energy thru the roof.

My friends always seemed to be tired and just wanted to lay down and watch TV while I was itching to go do something. Ride a bike, take a walk, go to the beach and go play in the ocean, ANYTHING. 

Like they say, I was a body in motion, and I wanted to say in motion.

Sure enough, that’s how I still am today. Unless I’m working on my computer or catching up with an old friend, I can really only sit for like 7 minutes before I say “Okay, I gotta get up and do something.”

The point of all of this? I’m trying to prove to you that you REALLY won’t have your best energy, your best skin, your best health, your fullest potential, and be the most energetic version of yourself until you start COMBINING a healthy diet with an active lifestyle. 

I’m currently reading Cameron Diaz’s latest book “The Longevity Book” (I read her first one 4 times, sort of obsessed), and she says,

“Good food without fitness or sleep won’t make you healthy. Working out every day but starving your body of nutrition and rest won’t make you strong. Sleeping eight hours a night but not eating well or moving enough isn’t going to keep you bright eyed and alert. But if you do all these things consistently on a daily basis, you will be amazed at how your entire being responds.”

God, I love her. 

We have to take both seriously. Or all three actually if you want to get into the importance of sleep as well that Cameron covers. 

If you don’t like working out right now, start with one small new habit. I PROMISE YOU, your body CRAVES movement. It’s slowly dying just begging you to move around, you just can’t hear it right now. 

Start waking up a tinnny bit earlier and walking outside for 15 minutes. Once this becomes comfortable, walk longer, or maybe get a gym membership and start doing the incline walks for 30 minutes on the treadmill (ASS LIFTER). I do this every week. 

If eating clean isn’t your thing right now then do the same thing by starting one small habit that is a step in the right direction. The first thing I did when i started eating clean was I worked myself up to drinking 1 gallon of water DAILY. 

I would just carry it around with me everywhere I went and the results were AMAZING. 

My love handles SHRANK, my cravings – GONE, my appetite was in control, I had more energy. 

I swear by it you guys.

— I have a lot of blog topics I want to write up. BUT if you have any ideas, always let me know in a comment on instagramand i’ll do my best to answer 🙂

That’s all for today!

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