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This is a place for anyone else like me that like beauty, health, fitness, and cocktails...equally. 



I've done everything from Class Pass to LA fitness to Kayla Itsine's BBG program and I must say...I've finally found the thing that REALLY works for me. 

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I have been raving about this studio to you guys on my Snapchat and Instagram stories and after a few classes I started getting a lot of questions SO I wanted to give you a summary of EVERRYYTHING that is going on with what they call "OTF".

I've been asked things like:

  • Are the classes too hard? I'm nervous to try. 
  • Do you have any weights or is it all cardio?
  • Why do you like it so much?
  • How much is it?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Do you feel like it's really helping??


All valid questions. 

So let's start with WHY I wanted to go. 

I knew it was like a group class/bootcamp style of workout and I knew that I needed something that was going to get me to do more cardio. 

Before OTF I would run outside which would hurt my knees, run on the tread for 10 mins before I would convince myself to walk, or do Kayla Itsine's BBG HIIT workout which was great but still only 30 minutes and I just knew I was ready for something more. 

"’m celebrating every step!!! It’s been two weeks of my rest cleanse and man I already feel like a new woman. I’m learning what my body loves and hates and how to keep my stomach tight while still eating foods that I love. " - Bianca.

I had also tried class pass which I mentioned earlier which was great UNTIL they raised their prices dramatically and reduced the amount of classes you were allowed to attend per month. 

I felt like it was too expensive so I quit doing that and just tried to force myself to run more. 

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You have to make an appointment the first time you go. You get to class about 30 minutes early so that a member of the staff can let you know what to expect and how everything works. 

This was where I really learned what Orange Theory actually means and the theory behind their studio. 

During your first class, the studio lets you borrow a heart rate monitor that straps around you just beneath your bra strap (after the first class you need to either buy the monitor from the studio OR get an unlimited membership which includes the monitor). 

Once it's on, it syncs up with the studio and places your name on multiple screens within the studio. Depending on your heart rate, the box that has your name in it will be a certain color SO basically just walking into class - doing nothing - it will by grey. 

Blue zone - Warming up

Green zone - Fat burning

Orange zone - Uncomfortable

Red zone - MAX heart rate

The box with your name on the screen also displays how many calories you are burning, what your heart rate is, and something called SPLAT POINTS


While you're working out, the heart rate monitor is counting every second but it's ESPECIALLY paying attention to the seconds that you spend in that uncomfortable ORANGE ZONE. This is when your heart rate is between 84 and 91 % of your max heart rate. 

Whether you're there for 10 seconds or 2 minutes, the screen keeps track and each minute is considered a SPLAT POINT. 

Orange Theory says that you need to get at least 12 splat points (aka 12 minutes) by the end of class in order to continue burning extra calories for the next 24-36 hours!

This is SO motivating to see during class because there's so many times that the instructor will say to PUSH yourself meaning get to the ORANGE zone and I'll feel like I'm working hard but the screen says I'm only in fat burning mode.

It allows you to know that YOU CAN push yourself harder, and I've noticed that because of their system, I have been. 

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"I cannot thank Chelsey enough for this cleanse! I was in a place where I was feeling incredibly tired, bloated, and I was frustrated with the way I looked. With this program I ate healthy for 3 weeks without even feeling like I was trying very hard. The food was amazing and super simple to make and there are some things that I now use daily that I learned from the cleanse. " - Madison.


When you walk into class the front desk will ask you if you want to start on the ROW machine or a treadmill. 

I ALWAYS chose row if I can but that's just my preference. 

If you start out on the row machine then you will spend the next 25 minutes alternating between the row machine and the weight room. 


It changes EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I never know what to expect when I'm walking in which I also love. Sometimes in the weight room we'll focus more on strength so they advice you to pick up heavier weights and sometimes we'll focus on power or endurance. 

It's always changing. 

If you start on the treadmill then you will spend the first 25 minutes of class on the treadmill while the instructor tells you to change the incline and speed. 

After the first 25 minutes of class, the two groups switch and you complete the other portion!

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Finally. Some ACTUAL results that I can actually see and that other people can actually see. 

Back muscles, calf muscles (without flexing), abs (even after eating), increased energy, bigger appetite...just all the goodness. 

Also, I've noticed that I'm for sure getting stronger and my endurance is getting better. 

For the first few classes, I would be in the orange zone at a speed of 7.0 on the tread. Now I have to put it 10 notches up to an 8.0 in order to be in the orange zone!

It's actual proof that I'm getting better and it is SO motivating. 

My MAX heart rate speed on the tread has also gone up from a 10.0 to an 11.3. 

ALSO at the end of each class you will get an e-mail of your progress report. It looks like this:

This tells me that I burned about 615 calories.

My average heart rate was 161, which is 79% of my max heart rate. 

AND THEN take a look at the numbers above each color. 

That is the amount of minutes I spent in each heart rate zone. This is why my splat points # is the same number over my Orange block + the number over my red block. 

(MAX heart rate is still kinda hard for me to hold for a while!!)

But compared to my first class, when I could only hold the Orange Zone for 11 minutes, I'm doing much better! 

I've completed my 10 classes over the course of about 3 weeks so I'm going 3-4 times a week. SO Less than a month and this is how I'm improving!

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How much is it?

I decided to go with the unlimited membership which was 159 online but once I got to the studio I found out it was actually 189.00.


Other options are:

Basic (4 classes a month) = $60.00/month

Elite (8 classes a month) = $99.00/month


$12.00 classes a class.


Here's the thing. For me, I loooove fitness, and it's like my job. Because of this I've also looked at a million other studios like spin and boxing and the prices these days (especially in LA) for any studio are about $150.00 for an unlimited membership. 

But with most studios you're just getting a 1 hour workout with the same routine and the same music and no additional benefits. 

With Orange Theory, you're getting something new every day, fun loud music, and an actual SCIENCE behind what you're doing. You're also getting results and the energy you have for the rest of the day is insane. 

Before I was working out like this I felt like I was going a pretty good job working out so I would eat whatever and get SO frustrated that I couldn't have one cheat meal or one beer without looking bloated instantly. 

Now that I'm burning more calories in class plus an additional amount of calories from a workout for 1-2 days AFTER class, I'm noticing that I can eat the way I want to (clean with some lifestyle cheats haha) and feel totally fine. 

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

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