So this is usually how things play out for me…

A week before I start I’ll just be chillin going about my day doing my thaaang and out of nowhere BOOM “If I don’t get some sort of pasta in my life right now, someones going to die” Then everything gets put on hold until I can figure out what i’m going to do in order to get some pasta. I think last time I ended up going to my local whole foods and got a container of mac n cheese.

Ah – everything’s good. Until Its not. 4 hours later and BOOM… I NEED FRO YO!!

This goes on for 1-3 days then I start and it’s NO APPETITE at all because my stomach feels like there’s an alien devil inside of it and I have back cramps, stomach cramps and feel like I haven’t slept in at least 7 days. 

I think a day or two after that is when I try to get my life back together. Just to start the 3 week countdown until i have this much fun again.

So my question is WHYYYY do we have cravings??

What the hell is going on that I can eat healthy 99% of the time and then out of nowhere need a pizza or a mac n cheese sandwich in my life. (Made that up in 5th grade, best invention ever.2 pieces of bread and butter with mac n cheese in between…I don’t actually recommend it but…damn. its good)

So when we are getting ready to have our periods, our estrogen is fluctuating on a f-ing roller coaster having the time of its life while we suffer.

When this happens, our stress hormone cortisol starts to fluctuate, as well as our hormone serotonin which increases our feelings of happiness and contentment. 

If cortisol (stress) is up and serotonin (happiness) is down, we’ll crave simple carbs, fats, and sugary treats. This is because our body knows that simple carbs (sugar) will raise our happiness hormones quickly.

If our cortisol (stress) is raised but our happy hormone serotonin is regular, we’ll crave the fats and carbs but not necessarily the sugary treat. (croissants, bagels, peanut butter etc)

If you’re craving chocolate then that is most likely your body telling you that you are deficient in magnesium. 

These cravings along with bloating, mood swings, sleepiness and irritability can start 7-10 days before we start and sometimes last into our cycle. 

Thats a lot of time to be hungry and pissed. Not to mention that on top of just the cravings, we actually do feel hungrier during menstruation because our caloric needs fluctuate throughout the cycle.

Meanwhile, we’re just trying to live our lives and get our bods on point. 

So what can we do to reduce the cravings, control the cravings and reduce the bloat???

Check it:

– If you’re on your period now and want to eat everything, try starting your morning with protein and whole grains! This, opposed to sugary pancakes or cereal will help keep your blood sugar levels balanced for the rest of the day.

– In the middle of the day eat fresh produce. It is filled with water and fiber which helps reduce bloat and put off hunger as well as cravings.

– Magnesium can decrease cramping, insomnia, headaches, water retention, anxiety, and sore swollen breasts. Reach for cocoa and put it into your shakes, oats and green veggies. Also if you want to get this through chocolate, be sure to get one that is at least 70% cocoa. Or, get like me and get a magnesium supplement!

– Focus on WHOLE GRAINS AND HEALTHY FATS (one of my fav snacks is toast with almond butter and a banana with honey, really hits the spot)

– Have a craving? Then have it! Don’t ignore it. You’re already sensitive so don’t deprive yourself of that meal you want. No one need to know that you’re crying over a lack of burgers and french fries in your life. Modify whatever you can though, for example I would get a veggie burger with sweet potato fries.

You will be hungrier than usual, ITS NORMAL. Our uterus wall is shedding, we’re eliminating toxins and we’re dealing with any bottled up emotions from the previous weeks, this TAKES ENERGY FROM US!

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you feel exhausted, let yourself rest, if you feel alright and think you can hit the gym to raise those happy hormones for 0 minutes, then do it!

we all go through it so lets learn how to go through it the best….? way…..

Periods SUUUUUUCK but they can suck less.

peace out.

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