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Alright, so have you guys heard of this charcoal pill? 


I got this about 2 weeks ago when I was starting to have some MAJOR stomach issues, and let me tell you what I THINK happened. So like I said before I LOVE L-Carnitine and I’ve found it to be working BUT I think something doesn’t work for me when I take L-Carnitine and then I have a protein shake a few hours later.

Which SUCKS. I’m trying to mess around with it to see what the problem is but I’m pretty sure it’s the combo so I might switch over to L-Carnitine pills rather than the liquid. 

ANYWAYS – So I did some research on these pills and found that they are mainly used to effectively treat a body that has been poisoned. Even though thats how I feel, haha I know that’s not what happened. BUT I’ve read on multiple platforms that these pills are also helpful in cleaning out your digestive tract, reducing bloating and gas and can even help prevent hangovers. 


So here’s how it works. The charcoal doesn’t necessarily absorb the toxins in your body but it rather has the toxins BOND to them (since charcoal has a negative charge and all these toxins in our body have a positive charge – little science for ya). 

Side note: In come cases I am VERY adamant about reading every last detail and every last instruction and for some reason I think I’m noticing that when it comes to natural supplements, I never really read the directions.

(Funny side story: This whole not paying attention reallllly F’d me over a few years ago when I bought some Niacin from whole foods. I read like a million supplement bottles while I was there so by the time I got home with my Niacin, I thought in my head that I was supposed to take 3 Niacin. Little did I know that I was thinking of a different supplement and i was really only supposed to take ONE Niacin. 

So whatever I’m on the phone with my dad and don’t double check the amount and just pop three into my mouth and maybe like 10 minutes later I noticed I was getting SUPER hott, and itchy and rashy. I got off the phone, looked at the bottle and was just kind of like “oh shit – well there’s nothing I can do about it, i’ll deal with this rash for a few minutes.”

NOPE. Full on thought I was going to die in my apartment alone as I called out of work. I was SHIVERING and sitting in a bath tub with ONLY hot water on and it still didn’t feel warm enough. Freak right?

That episode ended with me crawling out of my bathtub, laying in my bed in my towel while I drained into a 4 hour nap. I remember going to Habit Burger as soon as I woke up, looking like HELL,  to get some sweet potato fries and a veggie burger and this fool was STILL trying to hit on me while I was barely enjoying my meal outside. 

Moral of the story: Read directions.)

Back to what we were talking about.

So this time, I didn’t read FIRST about how you’re supposed to drink water all day long when you take these pills. i didn’t drink enough water because I already felt nauseous and then these pills made me even more dehydrated and then yesterday my stomach was SUUUPER messed up.

Again though I’m all about trial and error so today I had some more charcoal pills and I’ve been sipping on water all day and my stomach FINALLY feels back to normal so they helped!!

My friend told me that she had these also when she got back from Coachella and it helped ALOT and my roomie used to take them before drinking and said they were a game changer so definitely something to try!


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