So I know I’m a self-proclaimed health and fitness blog but something that some of you may not know about me is

1. I LOVE to Write


2. I love to observe.

I’m constantly observing situations and wondering why people are the way they are. I want to know everyone’s story and UNDERSTAND them. So with that said, since I do so much observing, I’ve seen a lot of the same situations and HEARD a lot of the same stories over and over and over anddddd over again.

So today I want to break open this “girl talk” page with a reminder you that

You DO NOT need a guy in your life. PERIOD.

I hear sooo many girls say, “I’m just going to find a rich guy and marry him.” I don’t want to judge and also say that I flat out see it all the time too but, I wouldn’t be surprised. Or “When I’m married THEN I’ll be able to work towards my dreams.” Orrr “I’m just going to wait for my future husband to buy that for me.”


Here’s some more: “I need a boyfriend so that I’ll work out.” “I need a boyfriend so that I’ll get my shit together.” What? You DO NOT NEED a guy in your life to fix those things. If that’s your thinking pattern then you probably also think that money is going to make you happy and that’s just a crock of shit.

Sorry to come off so bluntly but I just want to scream it out to some girls sometimes! With anything in life you should ALWAYS do it for yourself first. For example, cleaning your house. You should want to live in a clean space that you’re proud of. It shouldn’t be a place that you just sleep at and then clean when someone is coming over.

Same thing with your body.

Run for you! Sweat for you! Get abs for you! Sure if you want to use the hot guy at the gym as your motivation that’s awesome! But at the end of the day don’t do it FOR HIM!

Because if your mind set is “I’m working out so that I can look good for so and so and finally get his attention…” then as soon as he blows you off, you completely lose any sense of purpose to go work out. 

I’m especially passionate about this topic when it comes to your DREAM. Your PASSION. Your life long goal. What if you get with this guy for his money, tell him your dreams, he helps you get everything set up, he gives you money, he gets you all the connections, and then he decides to leave you. BYE BYE everything you had hoped for.

Even if you get lucky enough that he leaves the business with you or in your name you still need to figure out how to run it. Something that you should have been doing all those years that you were just sitting around waiting for Mr Money to roll around. Now what?

Is this all making sense? 

I blog because I love it and I really love connecting with you guys. Yes, I have bigger dreams of what my blog will be and when I get there I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I got myself there and I will be aware of every single thing happening in my brand. I have already learned so much over this last year and I will continue to learn because I’m putting in the time.

As women I think it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to remember that we are our own boss and at the end of the day we need to be able to rely on ourselves and make ourselves happy.

If we look for that in someone else then we are leaving our success, our happiness, our health and whatever else up to someone else!! 

That is crazy to me!! And you might not even know who this person is yet! Like, WHAT???

You’re with you 24/7 and you have the ability to become whatever you want! Just do that instead. Also, if a guy that you’re with doesn’t think your vision or your dream is one of the most attractive things about you then BYE! 

If you give up on what you’re doing or what you want to be doing, FOR A GUY, I will personally find you and shake you ha. But seriously. If he doesn’t like it then great, you don’t care. You know why? Because YOU like it and that’s all that matters.

Moral of the rant. Be you. Do you. Take chances and be scared. Don’t wait. Please please please whatever you do don’t wait. Do whatever it is that you want to try RIGHT NOW. Make sure you fail at it a few times so you can get it right. Be proud of what you’re doing and most of all, be happy. Don’t be the girl that has 20 pounds of jewelry on and the latest everything but can’t tell you what her last accomplishment was.

Do you guys have any comments on this? Let me know below. 

Love you guys!! Make yourself proud. 



  1. I remember reading this when I first came across you on social media and found your blog. Definitely needed to read this again as a little reminder xoxo

    1. I just re read it too! Haha I’m glad you like it and thank you for bringing it back up!

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