Worked out, still tired & need protein? I’ve been there like oh I don’t know, 12 THOUSAND times.

Sometimes I get home from working out full of energy and not hungry, other times I feel like I could literally jump back into bed and eat a burrito. 

So this has kinda been a nice little medium. it’s great because it’s actually good, and it’s a perfect pick me up since it’s also loaded with protein which helps me get full before I ACTUALLY get a burrito.

I believe this protein was sent to me a while ago but I never really used it. SO THANK YOU! IT IS AMAZZZZING! I don’t know how this shake would taste with any other chocolate protein so I would even go as far as saying you should get this one. When you open it it just smells like Nesquik chocolate powder. 

Okay so it’s super simple and quick.

> Get about half a mason jar of ice, 1 scoop of Replenish Pea Protein Powder and 1 cup of Organic Vanilla Almond Milk. 

Then add one cup of this Cold Brew Coffee from Whole Foods. It’s THE BEST! Kinda cracks me out which duhh everyone could always use a pick me up. Unless you’re the newly added blonde twins on Ellen, then you probably need to sprinkle a xanax on your life lol.. just kidding, I admire you. I also like this coffee because I’m trying to stop spending money on coffee every single morning so it’s been nice to have it at my house.

Blend everything together (If you have the same blender I press the Milkshake button, and enjoy!! Another option is to blend in a TBS of cocoa nibs and then sprinkle some on top! Cocoa nibs give you a little bit of fiber & magnesium and they’re filled with antioxidants! Might as well if you ask me. 

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