A lot of people ask me how they can drop a little weight quickly! I know that sometimes it can feel like you’re never going to get close to your dream body, or maybe even your old body!

 Sometimes we get so down on ourselves that we think we can’t even go back to the body we had 2 weeks ago!! 

That really is how quickly things can change! I want to remind you to pick your head up and know that you can change your body for the worst just as quickly as you can change it for the better! Take three pictures of yourself in a bathing suit (front, back and side) then follow these steps and take the same pictures again in 2 weeks!

1. Drink ½ gallon – one gallon of water a day to flush out toxins, promote digestion, and speed up your metabolism.

2. Reduce sugar and salt intake, even in things like almond milk, granola and yogurts. Make sure that you buy unsweetened and go for all natural ingredients. This will reduce puffiness.

3. SWEAT 6 TIMES A WEEK. We don’t care how, just do it J Speeds up metabolism, promotes digestion, clears your body of toxins, burns fat, builds lean muscle.

4. Eat 5-6 small meals a day! Calorically this is roughly 200 calories a meal. Keeps your metabolism going and burns fat.

5. Eat fruit for breakfast. It is the easiest thing for your body to digest so it won’t use up a lot of your energy and it will give you the nutrients you need!

6. Restrict your diet of EGGS, MILK, CHEESE, YOGURT (goats milk yogurt okay)refined carbs (white pasta, white bread, white flour –> muffins, cookies, pastries, pancakes… white potatoes, cereal, white rice) fried foods, and added sweeteners (any sugar excluding RAW sugar and stevia, simple syrup)

REFINED CARBS ARE DIGESTED QUICKLY WHICH GIVE YOU ENERGY FOR A BRIEF AMOUNT OF TIME BECAUSE THEY SPIKE YOUR SUGAR LEVELS, but then they drop making you feel exhausted. Instead have COMPLEX CARBS WHICH DIGEST SLOWLY GIVING YOU STEADY SUSTAINED ENERGY THAT LASTS J These are foods like oatmeal, whole/multi grain breads and pastas, quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes.

       Try swapping some of your favorites for these healthier alternatives 🙂

                                    THIS < THAT

 Flour pancakes < gluten free pancakes

Greek yogurt < Goats milk yogurt

Whole, 2%, fat free, skim < Unsweetened vanilla almond or coconut milk

White rice, white pasta < gluten free, whole wheat, whole grain rice, quinoa, and pasta

White potato < sweet potato

Salad dressing < olive oil and vinegerette with lemon

Hamburger <lettuce wrapped veggie burger

Burrito < whole wheat tortilla with spinach, black and pinto beans, avocado, sriracha

Ice cream < arctic zero protein ice cream

Candy < coconut dates

Movie theater popcorn < already cooked sea salt popcorn

Chips < bag of dried, lightly salted veggies (whole foods/trader joes etc)

Pizza < gluten free pizza

Cereal < granola

Fries < sweet potato fries

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