Our bodies are exposed to toxins everyday through water, food, air, pharmaceutical drugs and of course the poison that comes along with any alcohol you may have consumed.

I want to give you 10 ways to detox today ! This includes detoxing both the mind and body naturally so that it can flush out anything in your body that may be unhealthy and slowing you down!

1. Lemon water – Start the day with a glass of water and fresh lemon. This just helps to flush out the toxins and alkalize the body. I personally juice 2 lemons first thing in the morning, add some cayenne pepper and 1 packet of stevia then put it in a 32 oz glass jar and fill the rest with water!

2. Fresh made Green Juice – Try to have a fresh one daily filled with all sorts of greens! I like to make a batch in the morning using lemon, green apple, ginger, spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber and pineapple – then i add chia seeds to stay full ! 

3. Trade out your bad oils for healthy oils – This mean ditch the canola oil, vegetable, peanut and sunflower oils and swap them for coconut, hemp, flaxseed or avocado oil.

4. Drink Herbal Teas – These teas help to detoxify your body naturally while hydrating you and giving you energy

5. Eat RAW – This means uncooked! Primarily fruits, vegetables and herbs. These foods help grab on to toxins in your body and pull them out. They also don’t leave any toxins in your body after consumption!  

6. Minimize or eliminate white sugar – This means white rice, white potatoes, white bread, white sugar, white flour get the idea? These foods just rev up your blood levels aka your energy and then they shoot it down 15 minutes later leaving you tired and bloated.

 7. Take a Probiotic – Or eat foods like have like cultures in them! My favorite way to get my probiotics is through non fat Plain Greek yogurt. The probiotics kill off bacteria and yeast thats hanging out in your body and strengthen the lining of your stomach aiding in good healthy digestion.  

8. Minimize or eliminate meat consumption – You don’t even want to know how long it takes for your body to digest meat. Meaning that you eat it, then a couple DAYS down the line your body will be able to dispose of some of it. yikes. That means it just sits inside of you, mind you our body temperature runs at about 98 degrees. So it’s kinda just cooking in there for a few days. Imagine how weightless you would feel if you stopped that cycle for a while ay??

 9. Start a journal – What? Yes, journal. This is for your mental detox. Anything getting clogged up in your brain needs to come out and lets do it in a positive healthy way! Plus its fun to read through later.

10. Exercise – If you’re exercising and getting your blood moving then you are sweating and helping your entire body detox and get rid of anything that it doesn’t need. Ever notice how after a night of drinking if you can manage to get to the gym you kiiiinda smell like a bar? That all that alcohol leaving your body! Thank God. 

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