Do you SUCK at using your time wisely?  Like you know you have 839 things to do but you get a new camera app and take pictures of flowers on your porch for an hour instead?

Or when you’re supposed to go to the gym but you want to get some motivation then next thing you know you went on Pinterest starting at workout fitsperation and ended up at small, quote, ankle, tattoo ideas…….?

 These damn computers and phones and boho chic examples of rooms, clothes, Coachella wear, and succulentslike to steal my attention on days that I don’t have my time organized.

Time is super valuable and it can fall right through your fingers if you let it. Next thing you know, its Thankgiving 2015 and you didn’t do anything you wanted to for the year.

 Try these little tips and tricks in order to manage your time, and its okay to let yourself sit on the couch with I phone on deck BUT it can’t be all day.  I know those DIY projects are impressive but you can do it, I promise.

1.     Wake up and make a to do list. Figure out everything you have to get done that day and figure out when you’ll have time for it.

2.    Organize your to do list. Group together all the errands you have to take care of while you’re out of the house. Group all your computer work and phone calls together. The worst thing is going out running a few errands then going home and realizing that you need to go back out again. Just another opportunity for a parking ticket.

3.    Know what time gym classes are. If you know that you’re going to barre class at 1:00 pm on Sunday then you know how much time you have to complete the things you want to do before the gym. Then maybe you can handle all your out of the house errands on the way home!

4.    Complete work in advance. If you know you have a busy week ahead then prep some food for the week so you can just grab it and go. If you have work due later in the week but you have time to work on it the weekend before then do that and have it ready to send in a draft on your email so you can press send no matter where you are.

 Just some things to keep in mind!


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