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Okay, I meannnn, have I been living in a hole or are you guys also new to this witch hazel thing? It kinda scares me when I find something incredibly useful and cheap that’s been around for forever. Makes me wonder what else I’m missing out on…

But while we wait to figure that out, let’s talk the MAGIC that is Witch Hazel.

I was telling a friend the other day that I feel like my skin is basically a light pallet of reds, whites and blues when I don’t have make up on. Awesome. My under eye is blue, my cheeks get a light red-ish pink and then I have been avoiding the sun so this white skin is just glowing, and not in a good way. 

He (yes he) said three things.


I thought to myself, witch hazel sounds scary, I got aloe, and I’ve heard rose water is good for your skin but I’ve never used it in anything else other than a cocktail sooo. (But this man has the most impressive skin and bald head you’ve ever seen so, I trust him).

I was thinking I had to go buy all three ingredients and get down on some kind of serious drill line for my nightly skin routine but then he told me it’s all in one bottle and it’s SO EASY. 

I literally just get out of the shower, leave my face a little damp, and then rub a little bit of Thayer’s into my hands and rub it all over my face. DONE.

I do the same thing in the morning when i wake up and I’ve ALREADY noticed that it’s working as a toner. 

Who else is excited for me?! SO EXCITED OVER HERE.

Okay so here’s a little background on what the hell I’m talking about. 

+ Witch hazel has been around for years and it is a topical astringent that comes from a shrub, kinda looks like a lavender plant, but yellow.  

+ It’s most commonly known use has been for skin because since it has a high concentration of tannins, it is capable of not only removing excess oil from your skin but it also shrinks your pores! SERIOUSLY WHYYYY AM I JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS?!

+ So since your pores are smaller, less shit from the environment is getting trapped in your face which means LESS BLEMISHES, AND LESS BLACK HEADS. (Black heads are pores that are congested with pollution and toxins, ew.)

+ Obviously if it helps prevent blemishes it also helps TREAT current blemishes you may have or irritated skin and acne. Use a cotton pad to apply to the face to reduce irritation.


Since it tightens the skin and reduces inflammation it’s literally THE PERFECT thing to use after you shave. Bye stupid ass razor burn, we all hate you. 


I could cry. Isn’t brighter looking eyes without concealer and 75 dollar eye cream everyones dream? Witch hazel will tighten and brighten your under eye, just make sure you don’t get it IN your eyes. 

I mean , I could go on for forever. It’s also used to treat minor cuts, sunburns and varicose (spider veins). So that’s JUST the witch hazel part! This little magic tub also includes doses of aloe vera and rose water. 

I’ve tried SO many different skin products to try and tone my skin and they always end up making me dry out or get oily or I get little bumps on my face, kinda like acne, but not. I’m telling you you guys, iv’e oonly been using this for a few days and my face feels tighter, it’s glowing IN A GOOD WAY and isn’t oily or dried out. 


I’ll attach a link for you guys so you can buy like a million right now. This one was given to me by my friend but he said he got it at Sprouts so maybe places like Whole foods has it too. 

Buy witch hazel:


Let me know how it works for you guys because I AM OBSESSED. 

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