I feel like people used to be attracted to cigarettes as quickly as they were attracted to a dope bomber jacket. It just became a statement piece, weird right? Like this outfit would be perfect if onlyyyy I had a cigarette. 

Over the last couple of years I feel like the trend has definitely died down, like a lot. I remember when I used to go visit my grandparents and their house would just REEK of smoke. I swear, now when anyone even walks through a house with a cigarette in their hand I can sense it.

Our older generations we’re definitely in the cigarette scene but like I said, times have changed… I mean the box even states SMOKING KILLS on it now. YIKES.

I personally CANNOT STAND the smell. I’ve just never been into it. When someone smokes I can smell it on the breath, in their hair, on their clothes, in their car, on their hands…EVERYWHERE.

What’s interesting though is that smokers actually begin to lose their sense of smell and taste so they really don’t understand how overwhelming it can be.

Not only that but smoking drys out your skin which eventually starts to make it look grey because there is a lack of oxygen supply in the body. 

They also cause MAAAAJJOR wrinkles, causing you to look much older than you really are and they turn your teeth and your fingers yellow 🙁

Smoking is one of the biggest forms of preventable death. By smoking you increase the risk of cancer in your mouth, esophagus, liver, kidneys and you have an increased risk of cervix cancer.

What really bothers me about cigarettes is that when I look at it, I have NO EFFING IDEA what’s in it. I do know though that it is packed with carbon monoxide, you know, that thing you have an alarm for in your home? Because if you inhale to much you can die in about 3 minutes.

Carbon monoxide basically high jacks your oxygen and completely robs you of your red blood cells. As soon as carbon monoxide grabs ahold of these cells, you can NEVER get them back or repair them, no matter what you do. 

On the up side though, red blood cells only last about 4 months so IT IS POSSIBLE to stop the habit in it’s tracks, and create a new you!

Smoking is a serious issue that a lot of people are hooked on. I totally understand that it would be hard to quit, especially if you have been doing it for most of your life. for most people it is a serious way of relaxing, relieving stress, and having something to do for 5 minutes.

A lot of people like to smoke on their break, or in their car, and unfortunately, a lot of girls have turned to smoking to resist the urge to eat since smoking reduces your appetite.

This is what I call “a quick fix”, and I’m not for those.

I don’t think you should pick up a new bad habit for a short term result because that bad habit will have even longer lasting BAD consequences than good ones. 

if you’re feeling like you have a problem snacking too much or feel like you just want to lose a little weight, drink 24oz of water in the morning and eat 3 pears + 2 oranges and tell me you’re not full. 

Eating things with fiber and drinking plenty of water will reduce cravings, curb your appetite and promote weight loss + give you ENERGY while making you feel full. See? Not that hard, and your not trashing your body and your beautiful hair and skin with toxins.

If you don’t smoke right now, PLEASE don’t start, you will just start chipping away years on your life. If you do smoke now, try something new everyday to quit. 

Smoke less for the first few days, then tell yourself that you’re done. Get nicotine packets or start exercising to help keep it off of your mind. This will start adding years to your life!

You can do it!



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