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So as you know – I’m a podcast FREAK these days. The latest downloads have been from Tim Ferris, Aubrey Marcus, and Julie Soloman of ‘The Influencer Podcast”. (Highly recommend that you start listening to at least one of these a day for some daily motivation). 

BUT. The OG podcaster who got me into swapping the radio for podcasts was The Skinny Confidential, Him and Her podcast. If you guys haven’t checked out her podcast yet, you NEED to start listening asap. You’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of tips that Lauryn and her husband have to offer on everything from business and relationships to health, wellness and fitness. 

And obviously check out her blog, The Skinny Confidential, if you feel like getting into a black hole of completely usable and USEFUL health, beauty and wellness tips. 

One of the last podcasts that Lauryn did was a MASSIVE breakdown of her FAVORITE make up, skin care, food, business, and productivity products and let me tell youuu, you’re going to want to listen to it like 4 times haha. 

As I was listening to it I wanted to pause it like every 20 seconds so that I could go purchase whatever she was talking about on amazon…and then realized that I haven’t been working enough to afford everything lol (and I work a lot……eye roll..)

SO. What I decided to do was go back and listen to it for a second time and pull out all of the products that she mentioned were available to buy at your local DRUGSTORE. There were actually A LOT of products on there that were cheap that you could purchase on amazon but I wanted to keep this post specific to the beauty items that she suggests getting from the drugstore.

This way you can go in and get allll the things, in one spot. 

Okay – let’s get into it. (Look for each product the next time you’re at a drugstore or simply click on each picture to purchase online!)


Lauryn suggests obvi working with these to see if they fit your eye shape. She says curl, apply primer, apply mascara, apply lashes, and then apply mascara again. (I think). Clearly I need to step up my game since I’m a curl and apply kinda girl but hey, I’ll get there. 


Apply this before your mascara to really get the most out of your lashes. You’ll kinda look like a bug at first with white eyelashes haha but once that black mascara slips on your going to be looking gawwwwgeous. 


Okay – YES YES YES. I have personally been using Loreal’s Voluminous Mascara ever since I was even allowed to wear mascara. Instagram always made me feel like I should be trying Chanel or Dior Mascara but let’s be real, I’ve tried those mascara’s before because my friends would end up buying them, and they are seriously NO BUENO compared to this. 

This mascara NEEDS to be your go to. You can find it basically anywhere, it’s a great price and it works SO WELL. And I totally agree with Lauryn that you should get the curved brush as opposed to the straight one but do what you like. 


PLOT TWIST – she suggests using this for your brows! This is funny because when I was like 10 and wanted to start wearing make up, this was the only thing that my mom would let me wear…. But anyways ! Use this on your brows to BRUSH UP! I get like straight anxiety when I wake up in the morning and find all my eyebrow hairs brushed down sooo don’t let that happen to you in the middle of the day. 

Get this, do your brows, then brush them UP to keep them lookin fierce. 


I’ve never used this personally, but she says it’s fantastic and now I’m probably going to get it next time I spot it haha. Great for a nude, plump look. 


Simply because it gives you the perfect red tint, and tastes BOMB. 


So I actually did a post on this like over a year ago because I also LOOOVE dry brushing. It’s such a great way to detox and it helps to drain your lymphatic system…it can also help with cellulite which I tell you in this post, I used to have plenty of…


Okay so i’ve never used one of these personally but I was stoked to hear in the SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL’S MASTER LIST that you can get one at a drugstore and that she’s down with it! (Make sure you rinse it after each use to avoid keeping nasty bacteria on there). This one is called DAY LOGIC SKIN CARE TOOL.

For more beauty tips from The Skinny Confidential – check this out !

If you guys have any other drugstore beauty tips please let us know below!


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