Athleisure isn’t dying anyyyytime soon so if you’ve been picturing yourself in the perfect gym to street sneakers but haven’t made the move yet, let me guide you in the right direction.

I did some research the other day (mainly because I was going to buy online and I get SUPER nervous buying something without being able to try it on, ha!). 

I knew I wanted an all white Nike sneaker that was casual yet sleek and comfy. Comfy was a must. 

I pulled up the Nike store online and shuffled through PAGES of options. My price range was $100.00 – $130.00 so my top three options came down to:

Athleisure Streetwear:

+ Nike Air Huarache

+ Nike Air Presto Ultra Breathe

and obviously,

+ Nike Air Max 90 Ultra

I kind of liked the different “plastic” look on the huarache and the presto but compared the the Air Max 90 I felt like they looked a little busy where as the Air Max 90’s just look a little cleaner in my opinion. 

I couldn’t decide to save my life so I rode out to Nike the next day and tried them all on for myself and I’m SO happy that I did. 

I didn’t have to walk around in all of them for forever or wait for my turn to use the mirror 89 times. 

I literally just tried one pair on a time, stood up, took a few steps and knew if I liked them or not. 

First – The Huarche’s.

I’m a size 8 so I asked for a size 8 obvi, but I noticed that they felt SUPER snug as soon as I got them on. Also I did’t like where they cut at my ankle. Kinda immediately wasn’t a huge fan. 

Second – The Presto’s

I liked the way that these looked but as far as comfortability – it was a no for me. I felt like that plastic piece was squeezing at the sole of my foot and just by taking a few steps I noticed that right in the center of the shoe was where they didn’t seem to be comfortable. 

Third – The Air Max 90’s

The FIRST thing I noticed is how comfortable they were. Then the guy at Nike basically told me that that’s the whole point of the “Air Max” shoe haha literally, it’s for MAX COMFORT. 

So there was that. Plus I’m in love with the way they look. They’re not too bulky or wide, they’re juuuuust right 😉

I got them at nike for about $120.00 but

If you don’t want to go to the store, then you can get them right here on amazon.

So far I’ve worn them to the gym for a mellow arm workout day – I wouldn’t wear them to do any kind of cardio..mainly because they’re more of a lifestyle shoe, and I didn’t want to get them dirty haha. 

And I’ve worn them with this outfit to a bar so they are super versatile. 

[ Click this pic to purchase! ]



Do any of you have any of these Nike’s? If so let me know how you like them or what your thoughts are! 

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