There’s a few women out there who I find myself completely girl crushing over because they just know how to take life by the balls and KILL IT. 

I look up to women who are hard working, healthy, fun, charismatic, 100% true to who they are, and if they can manage a successful relationship somewhere in there too, then more power to them. 

One of my favorites is Cameron Diaz which I’ve mentioned about 100 times before. She’s successful and she found her calling to empower women all over the world when she decided to be educational AF and school us all on everything you need to know about your health. From your teeniest tiniest cells to accepting your body image, she’s got it all.

There’s been others but more recently, I am completely obsessed and in awe of the one and only


33 year old CEO, mother, open hearted, stylish bohemian business woman. 

Bacon grew up in Manhattan and made the city her own. As a young woman she grew up smoking cigs and dropping acid by the time she was 14, trying hallucinogens and letting her mind wander. To say the least – she wasn’t at her healthiest. 

She was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid condition, respiratory issues and came to find that she was allergic to wheat, sugar and cow dairy. At the time it was unfortunate news for her and her mother Chantal Bacon (Betsy Johnson’s Partner and CEO) to hear but now, A. Bacon refers to this as her divine intervention.

In this article, she states:

“I tried every drug multiple times,” she says. “And you know, tried swimming in the ocean at night on those drugs and tried green hair and making out with your best friend on those drugs and maybe like a tennis match while blowing bubbles in the middle of the night on mushrooms and really like taking you there to the highest peak, man,” she says. “This was that time in New York where things were really crazy, before Giuliani came in and straightened us all out.” 

After a few too many careless nights out, Bacon did what I feel like we ALL wish we had the courage to do and packed up her life to restart with a fresh cleanse in Italy. Um yes please!

She detoxed then moved herself back to America but this time exploring the West Coast. She landed in Los Angeles working for a chef where she was living the life of basically anyone that works in a demanding restaurant. Surrounded by greasy food, late nights and a demanding schedule, she re kindled her liking for what she had learned when she was combating her allergies and started playing around with healthy foods. 

She claims that she started out with some surface level things like green smoothies, hemp seeds and maybe an avocado here and there. 

But knowing her addictive personality, she wanted to FEEL more. She wanted to go deeper and see how much she could REALLY get from the health that was unknown. 

“I want more energy, I want more vitality, I want more hair, I want more kidney chi, when I have sex I want it to be sexier, and when I meditate I want to go out further!”

She began working with with kinesiologists, Ayurvedic doctors, and stayed up until 5 in the morning reading medical text books to gain a deeper understanding. Needless to say, she found her passion and ran with it. 

Her friends thought she was nuts. She was gaining momentum with the Moon Juice idea but was receiving negative feedback from people claiming that there was NO WAY anyone was going to pay 9 dollars for a juice. 

Not only did she say fuck it and start charging 9 dollars for juices but she also created the magic of “Dusts” which are available to you at $30 bucks a pop. 

This got some major lash back from strangers on their keyboards with comments blasting the internet saying that her dusts “taste like sweet n low mixed with dirt” and others went on to complain that her product was too expensive especially for not even being approved by the FDA. 

Bacon basically kept a smile and noted that you choose what you would like to invest in. Do you drink cocktails? Do you get your nails done? Do you want to pay for a new shirt or do you want these adaptogens? 

I agree 100%. When I tell people how much I paid for a few dusts people roll their eyes and say that “that’s just too expensive.” 

It’s only too expensive if it’s not worth it to you. 

I would probably pay more to be honest with you. When I have the brain and spirit dust in my coffee in the morning, I feel it. I notice that I’m focused, I notice that I am happy and I notice that things just seem to flow. 

Amanda opened up her first shop in Venice when she was pregnant and had a line out the door on day one without doing ANY MARKETING. INSANE.

She say’s that she still doesn’t understand how this happened but I think it says a lot about what people are interested in and what they are willing to learn in the health and wellness community. 

Since then she has opened up 2 more stores and is obviously in the process of opening more, in between being a full time single mom and just recently launching her first book (which I’m about to go figure out where to buy as soon as I’m done writing this!). 

She inspires me to know more, read further, feel deeper, and work harder. 

Amanda if you ever read this, THANK YOU! 

Leave a comment below if you have a favorite dust or let me know who you’re favorite girl boss is right now! I always want to find more women who inspire me!





  1. This woman rocks!!! I do have her book and I have made a few of her recipes!!! Her story is relatable and it is how she pulls us in……keep it up! MD

    1. I just went and bought her book today!! I couldn’t find any of the ingredients though at Whole Foods…? I think I might need to order them online but either way I read the intro of the book in my car! Haha couldn’t wait until I got home.

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