This juice was actually inspired by one of my favorite cocktails which is exciting news because now we all know that it tastes amazing with or without tequilla. 

ANOTHER PLUS + This juice is LOADED with anti-inflammatory benefits so if you DO decide to spike it at night time then just make sure to have a virgin one in the morning to reduce any swelling or puffiness from the night before.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 2 Green Apples

– 1 Lime

– 1 Cucumber 

– Handful of Basil

– 1/2 Jalepeno


I LOVE SPICY lol, so…if you aren’t a fan then just skip the jalepeno. If you can stand a little kick then do 1/4 a jalepeno. And if youz a freak, I guess you can do a full one…I did half. 

Cut up your apples, lime and cucumber so that it fits your juicer correctly and then juice away!


What This Juice Will Do For You:

Jalepenos: Have a natural plant compound called capsaicin that  acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves blood flow. 

Basil – LOADED with Vitamin K which helps maintain HEALTHY blood clotting.

Lime – Rejuvenates the skin to keep it glowing. Also good for hangovers!

Cucumber – Acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps with healthy digestion. 



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