If you’ve already heard of Coconut Cult Probiotic yogurts then you’re probably in love and if this is your first time reading about them, just prepare to fall in love. 

I first saw and tasted the yogurts when I was bouncing through Santa Barbara and I was going though my kinda of intense ULTRA HEALTH phase. All I thought about was different kinds of mushrooms, dehydrating foods, creating my own milks and getting as clean as possible.

I think this was right after I read the Moon Juice Cookbook, so that would make sense. AND if you haven’t heard of moon juice, check out this blog

I walked into this little yoga/health food spot and grabbed some cordyceps then saw the yogurts at check out and had to ask about them (mainly because I kind of just felt like their logo needed to be a wall paper somewhere in my house).

The man working was THRILLED to tell me about them and let me taste them. First of all, they taste AMAZING but what I was more interested in was all the facts he was giving me on the actual yogurt. 

PS: this is not a paid or sponsored post, I literally just love them so much!

I would recommend this detox to anyone who wants to make some lifelong changes to their diet, body and health.  I say that because it is not a quick fix or a “diet” really…it’s a restart to a healthier lifestyle with better nutrition choices.” – Sarah J.

Anyways – 

As we all know, yogurts are typically great for us because of the probiotics in them, right?

Probiotics are basically living bacterias that are SUPER healthy for us, especially our gut and digestive system. They balance the good and bad bacterias that are already in our bodies and they help to keep our bodies working the way that they’re supposed to be. 

A lot of people are typically advised to take a probiotic after a period of having to take antbiotics because the antibiotics kill the good bacteria in you gut and PROBIOTICS will replace them.

So since probiotics help with the gut and digestive system, sometimes it’s a good idea for people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or diarrhea to start taking a probiotic. Probiotics have also been known to help with other problems like eczema, oral health, and urinary and vaginal health. 

You’re probably wondering what the whole point of this is…

WELL…(back to the guy working at the health store haha)

He told me that the reason why this yogurt is SO amazing is because it has 

800 billion 

highly active probiotics in it. 

So I asked him “what’s the difference between having my probiotics in a yogurt compared to just taking a probiotic pill?” 

He explained that many probiotic supplements actually can’t survive our harsh stomach acid in order to even get to the intestines in the first place. 

Also, the coconutcult yogurt site explains that most probiotic supplements are freeze dried which means that they are hibernating. What the coconut cult does is they wake up the probiotics and ferment them into the yogurt so that they are alive and READY to go to work. 

This 800 billion situation though you guys is INSANE. They have 12.5 BILLION more probiotics PER tablespoon compared to other brands. 


And 1 serving is only 2 tablespoons so I know that if I just have one serving of the yogurt, I am BLASTING my body with living probiotics that actually work. 

Hence why I’m in love. 

After only three days I can tell I’m more hydrated! My digestion is already better so I should probably leave dairy forever lol. This isn’t as hard as I’d imagine especially because I’m on the go so much.  Thank you again for sharing this with me! ” – Laci M.

ALSO – probiotic pills…if they even make it down to your gut, it could take up to 6 hours for them to start working where as the probiotics in coconut cult yogurt and other fermented foods start working immediately. 

I’m sure some of you have heard that acne for example, is something that is directly related to your gut. Sometimes you can have all the creams and facials that you want but you still have bad break outs. This tends to mean that it is a hormone issue or it is an issue with something in your gut. 

So, a lot of people wit get on a probiotic PILL but if you have acne and you’re not noticing any changes from taking the pill, then the reason could be those that we talked about earlier. The pill doesn’t stand a chance against your stomach acid SO moving on to a LIVE, ACTIVATED, food that contains BILLIONS of probiotics that get to work instantly…might be the better option for you. 

I’ve heard of people’s skin clearing up from eating coconut cult so if that is one of your concerns then I think it could be an EXTREMELY beneficial investment for you!!


Okay – now. When and how to eat it. 

Personally, if I’m going to do something I want to do it right and I want to give it 100% effort. SO. When it comes to getting the most out of the coconut cult yogurt, I was told by the creator of the product that IDEALLY you want to have it first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. 

You want to try to make sure that you eat it on an empty stomach so that it is not reacting with other foods. Leading me to my next little tip, you want to eat it alone as opposed to eating it with a bunch of fruits and granola. 

Let the coconut yogurt just do it’s thing, okay?

I personally have been having it first thing in the am. I have 3 tablespoons in a small bowl and notice that my digestive system is kick started. PS: you also want to avoid eating it straight out of the jar BECAUSE your germs will stick around in the jar from your spoon and that’s just not ideal in a jar of fermented DAIRY FREE yogurt. Just sayin’.

THEN, at night  maybe 3-4 hours after dinner, I’ll have 3 more tablespoons, then rest up.

So far I’ve only noticed that my digestion has improved BUT different people will experience different things when consuming the yogurt. 

Some people may get stomach cramps and rumbles or mayy be running to the restroom more often than others. This is all very normal but if you feel like it’s more of an inconvenience, maybe try consuming smaller portions and then work your way up to a larger serving. 

Overall – I’m completely obsessed with the yogurts and the company in general. You guys can buy their yogurts here, and also keep an eye out for them in major health food stores!!





  1. I had no idea that hormonal / acne problems could stem to a gut issue. I recently switched my birth control, and have since had full blown acne all over my chest and back. This is definitely work looking into ! Thanks for the tip Chelsey!!



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