For someone that’s been a fan of tuna since I was like 15 and ate it EVERYDAY, I’m pretty surprised it took me FOREVER to make it a tad bit more exciting than just tuna and sriracha. 

(Tuna & sriracha is the OG recipe though, with some crackers – yes.)

This recipe came about during a girls night with Val. She of course plated the table with like 300 snacks but the tuna was the one that I devoured. 

The next week when I realized I spent all my money on Zara and forgot to buy groceries, I figured “that one tuna salad” Val made would be the perfect, cheap, easy, healthy go to lunch…for the week. Ha!

I went based off memory, threw everything together in a mixing bowl, tossed it on a cracker with some avocado and spicy pickles and wallah, a new obsession was born.

I love this snack A LOT because it’s really versatile. It can be a snack or a meal. I can be satisfied with it on some crackers and my boyfriend loves it as a tuna melt so everyone’s winning. 

I like to make a little bit of a bigger batch with 2 cans of tuna so that way i can pick at it for a few days or grab some and take it to work as dinner! 



– 2 Cans of water (white albacore in water)

– 2 Tablespoons vegan mayo (I personally love the vegan spread from trader Joe’s)

– 1 Heaping tablespoon on Dijon Mustard

– 3 Inches of Fresh Dill, Finely chopped

– 1 Piece of Celery, Finely Chopped

– Sea Salt to taste


All you need to do is mix everything together! 

Then like I said, I like to buy some kind of long, flat crackers that I can spread avocado on, then I top it with the tuna and add some spicy pickles! (I’m realizing that you can find spicy pickles really anywhere but my favorite ones are at Whole Foods!). 

If you have a tuna salad recipe that you love or can think of something to add to this one, let us know in a comment below!






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