Madison R. (Discovery Session)

Hey thank you so much for chatting with me for that hour the other day it’s was an amazing experience for me!

Madison R.

Alexa Y.

After spending the last few months working out in the gym I was nervous that at home workouts would be too easy. Chelsey made sure to create a plan for me where I was still being challenged and able to push myself. If I had any questions she has always been quick to respond and make adjustments to my plan as needed.

I was honestly shocked with how much I enjoyed these workouts. They’re intense but also really fun! Chelsey truly cares about all her clients and wants to see us succeed and I’m so grateful to her for this at home workout plan. It has helped keep me feeling great mentally and physically while we’re all stuck inside. I’d recommend this to everyone from beginners to more advanced!


Alexa Y

Mario M.

I’ve been training with Chelsey for 5.5 months now, I was drawn to her program mostly because of the commitment she has on personal/professional growth. Too many times I’ve seen “certified trainers” draw up plans and template them out to their entire database of clients. I have two problems with that:

1)-I’m looking for something custom to me(as the advertising always says it will be)

2) I wan’t a trainer that isn’t going to be stuck into one way of doing something, what was once the best known practice 20 years in some ways is obsolete now. Chelsey, has a passion for training which is why she chooses to continue her knowledge base by working with one of the best coaching organizations (showupfitness).

I’ve had nothing but success over the last 5 months, yes- I can take credit for part of that. Most of it however is her specific plan that has progression workouts so I have no other choice but to constantly grow and PR every single month.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down mine and everyones gym, I wasn’t even in the slightest worried about my plan-In fact, I was at peace with the understanding Chelsey would customize something specific to what I had available. I’m now 2.5 weeks into the no-gym plan and even though I may not be growing at the rapid pace I was before, I’m in no way going to go backwards. With the crisis we’re dealing with today, the workout is the one constant that make me feel at ease and ready for a new day tomorrow.

Mario M

Anny Joy (2 Week Cleanse)

Having a health coach was one of those things I didn’t know I needed and never realized I was missing, until one day when I saw this Instagram post offering free consultations by a fitness inspo I had recently started following.

I was sitting on my bed in a new apartment, in a new city, jobless, feeling a little lost, and waiting hopelessly for things in my life to fall into place. I consider myself to be a pretty in shape, health conscious person, but I was tired of feeling like my motivation to workout or eat certain foods always came and went in phases and never quite produced the lasting benefits I wanted. I figured there was nothing to lose just by scheduling the call.

It sounds a little extreme, but I truly credit that call for turning everything around for me.

Talking To Chelsey Felt Like Talking To A Long Lost Friend. One Who Knew Exactly What I Was Going Through, Understood The Roadblocks I Was Facing, And Seemed To Have Experience With Everything I Talked About With Her.

Originally I thought I would do the consultation and that would be it, but that night I bought Chelsey’s detox cleanse and set up the plan to work with her as my health coach.

Instantly I started feeling like I was getting back to the place, and back to being the person, I wanted to be. I started feeling better physically, I figured out how to avoid my CONSTANT state of being bloated (and for the first time I can genuinely remember, I wasn’t left feeling awful after every meal), I started putting plans into action and setting small goals for myself, I surrounded myself with positive quotes of encouragement and “I can” statements, and I genuinely started feeling the strength and confidence that I was searching for.

Chelsey Held Me Accountable, Provided Me With Someone To Talk To, Ask Questions To, Seek New Tips From, And Helped Me Identify The Areas That Were Most Important To Me And What Obstacles Were Getting In My Way.

I learned so much about nutrition, health, ideal workouts, and keeping a strong and positive mindset. I can wholeheartedly say that it was worth the investment. I feel like I finally have the tools I needed to stay consistent and conscious with my health goals and to create the life I want for myself. Taking the time to completely invest in myself has been priceless and so incredibly rewarding, and I would absolutely recommend it to everybody!


Sydney Chueng (2 Week Cleanse)

I think an understanding that there is no quick fix was a huge part of this program for me.

Understanding That If I Were To Go On One Of Those Get Slim Quick Diets That Sure It’d Probably Work But I’d Gain It All Back If I Didn’t Change My Habits.

Changing my relationship with food was HUGE. I had this conversation with Chelsey a couple of weeks ago “it’s not that I’m never going to eat a hot Cheeto again. It’s that I am now able to have a couple and not hate myself for it afterwards.” It’s now that I’m able to recognize food for what it is not – NOT a stress reliever, NOT an emotional crutch. It’s fuel for my body and that has made a huge difference in my life.

I don’t know what the hell happened but I stepped on the scale today and I’m down 17 pounds!!


Sarah Jones (90 Day Transformation)

I worked with Chelsey Rose for two consecutive coaching cycles of 90 days each. I’ve spent half a year with her I suppose, and I would LOVE to spend another half a year 🙂 Chelsey has been an absolute JOY, to say the least. She has changed so much for me in the way I look at my relationship to health.

I Am Way More Conscious Of Not Just What I Am Eating/Putting In My Body/How I Am Moving Or Treating My Body – But The “WHY” Of All Of These Things – Which, I Believe Is The Key To Making Real Changes In Your Life.

I have used eating as a stress reliever for most of my life. However, figuring out WHY I do that – opened up a closed window into myself – which led to a realization of a serious lack of self-love. Chels has helped me create healthier habits, look fears in the face, and love the shit out of myself. The more respect I have gained for myself – the harder it is to follow through with a lot of those unhealthy habits I’ve clinged to in the past.

She is not a typical coach/trainer that gives out a non-modified eating/workout plan, and drills you like you are a child that needs tough-love. She is a caring, understanding, non-robotic, loving, friend really. She gets to know YOU through a series of talks, questions etc. – then helps YOU get to the root of what works for YOU!

She firmly understands that each of us are so different from another. She is always there with whatever you may need – a pep talk, a recipe, an extra session. I swear, I don’t know how she has the energy to give so much to all her clients and herself, but she does – and she never made me feel like I came second. On another note, she is incredible punctual – which is a rarity in LA. It’s very professional, and she takes such pride in what she does.

There is NO doubt in my mind that this woman will accomplish ALL that she wants in this life! Talk about drive! She is one of the most driven women I have ever met while maintaining this humbling quality that we all feel comfortable to just “hang out” with. She will ALWAYS tell you like it is, mixed with the natural understanding that life is not “black and white.” Everyone has ups and downs, lack of motivation etc. She makes you feel normal for your mistakes – because she’s so normal – well – besides her PERFECT body haha! But, she works hard on it – and makes it seem so fun while doing so. I have fallen for Chelsey and her coaching ways!

Her natural and kind approach at helping you find what works for you and reaching your personal health goals has sold me! She will go at your pace. You wanna take baby steps at a goal, she is down. You wanna KILL IT daily toward your goals, she is SO down. I would sincerely recommend Chels to anyone of ANY age at ANY stage of their personal health journey – she is just THAT GOOD!


Laci M. (2 Week Cleanse)

After only three days I can tell I’m more hydrated! My digestion is already better so I should probably leave dairy forever lol. This isn’t as hard as I’d imagine especially because I’m on the go so much. Thank you again for sharing this with me!

Laci M.

Kelsey Warner (2 Week Cleanse)

I feel like most people think of cleanses in the wrong way and it makes a lot of them pass it by but it SERIOUSLY helped me out.

Kelsey W.

Madison P. (2 Week Cleanse)

I cannot thank Chelsey enough for this cleanse! I was in a place where I was feeling incredibly tired, bloated, and I was frustrated with the way I looked. I was hesitant to start the cleanse though because I always have the best intentions of eating healthy but I do it for 2-3 days straight and then get over it.

With this program I ate healthy for 3 weeks without even feeling like I was trying very hard. The food was amazing and super simple to make and there are some things that I now use daily that I learned from the cleanse.

My Energy Was So Much Better, My Stomach Became Much Flatter And I Felt More Confident Than Ever.

Thank you Chels!!

Madison P.

Alexis Scarbrough-Innes

Over my 12 weeks with Chelsey, I overcame many mental hurdles that I didn’t even know I had. I’ve become more aware of what true health is, and I’ve gain more control over my relationships with food and alcohol. I now have the groundwork to continue on with my goals, and am more likely to succeed than ever!

I went into this thinking I wanted to lose a certain amount of weight to feel more confident, but I came out at about the same size, with a ton more confidence! I’ll continue to work on the physical goals I would like to achieve, but I never would have been able to address those goals before dealing with my mental blocks.

I truly enjoyed talking with Chelsey weekly, and always looked forward to our phone calls. The consistency was something that I really benefited from, and that I think is important with anyone looking to work with a health coach.

I’m coming out of this process feeling like I have someone in my corner, and a true friend for life.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this program. It’s an investment in yourself, and even if your goals aren’t physical, the metal changes are significant through the 12 weeks. It was worth every penny, and I’m looking forward to working more with Chelsey in the future! Do yourself a favor, and sign up for Chelsey’s program!


Caitlyn Dobner (90 Day Transformation)

Overall, I’m much more mindful about what I eat and the speed at which I eat. I’ve also learned ways to be more positive, about myself as well as life. While negative thoughts will never not exist, I’ve learned how to transform these thoughts to something positive when I notice that they occur.

In General, I Feel Much More In Control Of My Life, Health, Decisions, As Well As My Mental State.

While I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not as concerned with the number on the scale – I’m much more concerned with how comfortable I am in my body and how healthy I feel –

I Was Able To Get Under 200 Lbs For The First Time Since Before 2010!

At my highest point in college I was about 240 pounds, and when I started “dieting” I was able to get down to 205. Right before starting the 90 Day Transformation I had gained back about 15 lbs, and I am now at 190. This has been such an amazing experience, and I feel so grateful to have had the chance to work with Chelsey!

Caitlyn D.

Sarah J. (2 Week Cleanse)

I would recommend this detox to anyone who wants to make some lifelong changes to their diet, body and health. I say that because it is not a quick fix or a “diet” really…it’s a restart to a healthier lifestyle with better nutrition choices. For me, I have never spent so much time thinking about and taking care of myself.

Steaming, massage, yoga, breathing, cooking, journaling. It takes commitment, but honestly…it’s NOT hard at all! In fact, it was a pleasure. I am adapting a lot of the things that were in the detox into my daily routine.

I realized how much meat and dairy negatively affect my body, so I am attempting to switch to a more plant based diet. The inflammation alone that has left my body is amazing! You can literally feel toxins leaving your body and you start to become addicted to it.

This Is All Coming From A Self-Proclaimed “Carnivore Who Could Never Give Up Red Meat And Cheese, And Could Eat Eggs At Every Meal.”

I am not saying that I won’t have those things again, but I am saying that I feel MUCH better day to day without them. The recipes are really great! I am on the hunt for great vegan dairy products to accompany my plant based stocked fridge. Who am I? HaHa.

Sarah J.

Bianca B. (2 Week Cleanse)

I’m celebrating every step!!! It’s been two weeks of my rest cleanse and man I already feel like a new woman. I’m learning what my body loves and hates and how to keep my stomach tight while still eating foods that I love.

Substituting with vegan cheese, almond or coconut milk, and eating gluten free bread has made such a difference. I’m not stopping here but I wanted to take the time to say HELL YEAH I DID IT!! This two week cleanse turned into a lifestyle, wow. I’m grateful!

Bianca B.

Claudia (2 Week Cleanse)

I Recently Completed This Cleanse And It Was Exactly What I Needed!

I am starting a new chapter in my life and am making a lot of changes, which sometimes can throw me off balance.

This cleanse was a perfect way to focus my energy, and more importantly it’s not just about food. It’s fourteen days of specific self-care. I never felt deprived, in fact quite the opposite. I’m walking out of this with having created and incorporated new habits, a renewed sense of self, and in turn, I am able to give of myself more.

Thank you, Chelsey Rose!


Kristen W. (Discovery Session)

It was so nice to chat with you for an hour about health and self-care. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone passionate about health and well-being!

I loved today’s call! I can tell that you are doing what you are passionate about and I have no doubt you will be successful in all that you do moving forward! You seem to genuinely care about your clients. Also, I think you asked all the right questions to really help me visualize what I want out of this process and I am a FIRM believer in manifesting what you want out of life, so I loved it!

SO looking forward to working with you!!

Kristen W.

Whitney T. (Discovery Session)

I just want to say again how excited I am for this journey and how much I appreciate this opportunity. Ive already started doing a few of the tasks we talked about on Friday and I can see how much of an impact this journey will have on me.

Whitney T.

Stephanie M. (Discovery Session)

Thank you again! I can’t wait to tell you how things go. BTW – I like the clutter hand out, I think this will be my weekend project.

Stephanie M.

Jillian A. (Discovery Session)

I really enjoyed our talk! It opened my eyes to a lot of things so thank you! I’ll definitely catch up with in next week to let you know how it’s been!