Okay so there’s clearly been a huge push lately about promoting tea & now there’s like a million to choose from. Whether or not the people that swear by them are doing it because they really DO or just because they’re getting paid…ehh hard to say.

Here’s my deal. I’ve been asked with a TON of tea companies and I’ve tried a few. Some are seriously gross which is why I don’t promote them. Team-i Blends hit me up and let me try their skinny tea and their colon tea. I like them both but I especially LOVEEEEE the colon tea. Now I’m not doing this just to promote them, I truly do LOVE their stuff. I think I get like 3 dollars, maybe even less actually…I don’t even know, every time someone uses my code to buy their tea. Half the time people spell my name wrong and I think it still works and then it doesn’t even go thru me haha but I don’t care.

I like it so I use it and then tell you guys about it, that’s it. Now it works VERY WELL but it can be really intense. Like wakes you up in the middle of the night intense if you let it steep too long but I don’t mind because that makes me feel like it’s really working. 

Since it is so intense I only use it like once every 1-2 weeks. 

NOW. As a less aggressive detox tea I use the Triple Leaf SUPER SLIMMING tea which you can get pretty much anywhere (I get mine at Ralphs). This one you can have any time, the other one you definitely only want to have at night haha.

As for energy, the Bigelow Vanilla Chai (also sold at Ralphs) is my jam! Black tea has the most caffeine and I love chai so it’s perfect. I mix a packet of the chai with the super slimming tea in the morning with some organic honey and I’ve noticed that it definitely gives me lasting energy, reduces my cravings, and sorta suppresses my appetite. 


If you do want to try the detox tea from Team I blends, my promo code is CHELSEYROSE and you’ll get 10% off, or just buy it without my code. WHATEVER. It’s just soo good. (Disclaimer: Don’t have it if you plan on hanging out with your boyfriend the next morning. Or anyone for that matter. lol. Weird? true.) 

If you get any of these, let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

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