Hi Beauties!!

I just got back home from cabo and literally feel like I’m sort of old AF, lol. 

Ugh. I was like one of those old people that didn’t feel like they could even relax on vaca until day 3 out of a 4 day trip. I was checking emails after 2 days and felt like I hadn’t looked through my inbox for at least a year and was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. 

But you guys know from following me on insta that I have been ON THE MUTHA FUGGIN GOOOOOOOO.

My life got really insane there for a few months while I took on a second job at Orange Theory (quit after two months because shit was so hectic), continued working nights at the lounge I cocktail at, plus going to school and taking on new clients for Health Coaching.

So it was safe to say I NEEDED vaca. 

Here’s the thing with vaca’s though. If you’re busy like me, you realize that you go 1000 miles an hour to a dead STOP. And that includes your BOD. Working out? NAH, thanks though. Margaritas by the pool? Make that 5. Chips and salsa and warm tortillas dipped in quesso for no god damn reason. You betcccha. 

Even though it took me a few days to TOTALLLLLY relax, I still told myself that no matter what, I was going to enjoy this trip, because I knew I needed it. I wanted to enjoy the lounging, the wine by 10:00am, the whole bag of salt and vinegar chips to myself, and the goats cheese pizza, followed by a poptart…I wanted it ALL.

But at the same time, I didn’t want to hate my life when I got back home.

I’m one of those people that will legit grow cankles on the airplane if I’m not drowning in hydration so you can imagine how I look when I finish 3/4 a bottle of white wine and snack on salty foods all week….

So without putting in much effort, I was able to enjoy myself but also not turn into a blimp with these 6 tips:


I’ve talked about this before. Have you ever noticed that everyone in places like France and Italy and Spain…is thin? It’s partially because the have incorporated LEISURE into their meal times. 

They don’t sit half their ass on a stool and swallow a 6 inch sandwich and get on with their day. They kick their shoes off, sit back, and RELAX. This allows them to EAT SLOW which helps IMMENSELY with their digestion. It also helps their body signal to them when they are full (this is a huge topic that I go more in depth on with all of my 1 on 1 clients!) 

So take advantage of being on vaca and sit back and just chill the ef out for a second. You can eat shit food but if you eat it SLOW, it will do your digestion more good than if you had scarfed down something healthy. 


I remember when I went to Thailand with my now boyfriend but we had kind of just started talking so I was imagining myself after 2 weeks of eating whatever and not working out and it was giving me reaaal anxiety. 

BUT sure enough, we got home and I actually weighed LESS than I did when we went. We walked every single day for hours as we looked at the city and explored. I didn’t even realize how much we were walking but it definitely paid off. 

Walking is an excellent exercise specifically for FAT BURN. It has the ability to dip into fat reserves and burn stored fat. HEELLOOOO RESULTS, GOODBYYYE ENCHILADA I HAD FOR LUNCH!


You’ve heard this a thousand times but it’s legit. I feel like airports have been better (in some places) about offering healthier options but they still charge like 800 dollars for some almonds. WE LITERALLY bought some dried apricots at the airport in Cabo when we landed and there was 4 APRICOTS IN THE BAG. FOUR. 


I was so annoyed lol. 

So bring your own snacks just to have with you on the plane in case you get hungry so that you’re not forced to eat peanuts and pretzels for however many hours. 


Luckily this was easy for me on this last trip because it was pretty warm out but hydrating is CRUCIAL. Not only will it help your skin looking fresh and your eyes clear but it’s going to help A LOT with your digestion. Because we’ve all been bloated AF on vaca so we know how things go if digestion isn’t running properly..

It will also help you avoid hangovers, and curb your appetite. 


This is the other nice thing about vaca – you have TIME to actually do shit, lol. Go play volleyball, ride a jetski, go swimming in the ocean, go fishing, or even hit the hotels gym! It’s a good way to sweat and check out your surroundings.


This was my savior on this last trip. MRM-USA is a company I loooove for their plant based proteins and superfoods like maca root and spirulina. 

Recently they came out with some new products, one being this cleanse and detox powder. (Get promo code below). It’s an alll natural powder that actually tastes BOMB that is a game changer when it comes to bloating and digestion. Sometimes on vaca for some reason my digestion just turns off. 

I have no idea why. I can’t help it. Next thing you know it’s like 3 days later and I look 7 months pregnant. I mixed this powder with some cold water a few times after lunch and every night before bed and amazingly had a pretty flat stomach for the trip. 


If you purchase it make sure you use my code CHELSEY at check out so that you get 40% off!!

I highly recommend it!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other super easy tips to stay fit on vaca! Coming up next is ‘How to QUICKLY get back on track AFTER vaca!’

See you there 🙂



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