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If you’re new to the blog – hello – I’m so excited to have you here. And if you’re BACK, then you’re probably wondering why the F it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog…well, I was moving my site from Squarespace to WordPress sooo that took ya girl a minute. BUT here we are!

So it’s 2019 and everyone is on that good energy which I LOVE!! I feel like I’ve been getting non stop texts from clients with so much excitement about the workout they went to, their new consistent meals and new workout clothes which honestly just motivates me too so THANK YOU!!

With that said I feel like I owe you guys some MAJOR insight on my most recent visit to Soul Cycle because it was YOU GUYS that honestly made me feel so bad ass there. I recently asked you all on my instagram what your favorite workout leggings were and sooo many of you said lululemon.

I knew that their stuff was comfortable just by people talking about it NON STOP but I had never actually had a pair of their leggings on, until now.

NEWS FLASH: lululemon and SoulCycle teamed up and created a limited edition product collaboration that is SO flattering you guys, it’s actually insane. I can’t take them off.

So not only did I decide to throw in a Soul Cycle class on one of my busiest days last week but I decided to kill two birds with one stone and see if the lululemon X SoulCycle leggings and sports bra crop would really be good for a cycling class.

Because I meaaaaan, I feel like when I’m riding, and sweating and dancing on a stationary bike, there’s a lot going on, and LITERALLY the last thing I want to deal with is any of the following:

  • My leggings sliding down in the back

  • My leggings riding up too much in the front (because let’s face it, I’m stuck on this bike for the next hour so I won’t be able to adjust that ish until MUCH later).

  • Sliding off the bike because my leggings are made of some foreign fabric that doesn’t agree with synthetic leather.

  • Literally everyone and anyone behind me seeing straight through my leggings…

    I could go on…

To be honest – I wasn’t worried about my outfit at all when I sat down on my bike for class (I was mainly concerned with my endurance because ya girl hasn’t been doing a lot of cardio lately, lol). But as far as my outfit goes, I mean I felt cute AF so that was a good start.

Soon enough the instructor started that amazing loud sound track and before I knew it we we’re up and out of our seats. Not gunna lie, I scoped the mirror a few times (who doesn’t) and I was FEELIN IT.

I’m down with the mild side boob from the “To the Beat Crop” and I like that it’s a bit longer than a typical sports bra, BUT also…! These leggings you guys, make your butt look SOOO good.

And let me tell you something.

Class went on, I was sweating alcohol out from like 2015 and I felt like I had no clothes on.

Could you ask for anything better when you’re IN workout clothes??? I don’t think so. The worst part about most sports bras (actually there’s a lot of terrible things about most sports bras lol – but to name a few) is how hard they pull down on your shoulders, how tight they are around your ribs and your freaking diaphragm that you’re trying to use to survive (ESPECIALLY AT SOUL CYCLE) and the cut usually makes me feel like I have an inverted chest.

I mean I don’t even know what else to say about it. You guys we’re beyond right and I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life.

The amount of sweat that my leggings and my hat absorbed from this class was insane!

After class I had about 7 billion errands to go run so I changed into another pair of leggings from the collection, and I think it deserves a mention that when I took off my sweaty leggings from class, they came right off. You know how sometimes you get home from class and you go to take your leggings and sports bra off and it’s actually harder than the workout you just finished?

Yeah – didn’t happen. It stayed right where I needed it to for the entire SoulCycle class and then came off without a fight. (Thank you ILY).

I threw my bomber jacket on over my sports bra with my fresh leggings on and felt like Gigi Hadid adjacent.

Whatever genius set of humans that got together and created this collaboration deserve some kind of award. I’m serious. I’ve already washed and re worn both pairs of my leggings like, it’s getting mildly embarrassing.


I never do full on blogs about athletic clothing and now I know why. Because everything I’ve worn up until now has been garbage lol.

Do yourself a favor and just go do exactly what I did haha. Get the leggings, the crop bra, and the hat, go take a SoulCycle class, and then personally thank me later and tell me how much it changed your life, and most likely your future wardrobe.


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