I just want to rock no make up, glowing skin, and perfect brows 24/7, is that so hard??

Waking up and feeling like my eyelids are protruding out further than my chin and the bags under my eyes are like 29 pounds is not exactly #goals.

The extent of me trying to do anything about it in the morning usually went as far as me throwing cold water on my face and just rolling with it.

SO. I introduce you to, ICE ROLLING.

Have you guys heard of this already? I lucked out when the BEFIT company sent me two ice rollers the other week!! One is like the length of my forearm and it’s meant to roll out the muscles in your legs, neck and back (epic), then the other one they sent me is the smaller ball shaped one.

This one is meant to get other muscles like your hips, feet and chest BUT i’ve also obviously been taking advantage of it and using all over my neck and face.


The company Hansderma sells the popular ‘Skin Cool Ice Roller’ that is specifically for your neck and face by the way, but this one from BeFit can be used all over your body. 

Here’s the benefits:

+ Ice rolling gets rid of fatigue, redness and puffiness on the face and around the eyes.

+ It relieves tension from headaches.

+ It can fight those painful pimples that feel like effing craters because ice rolling kills bacteria.

+ The coldness tightens your skin, giving you a slimmer face and jaw line.

+ It gives you energy and rejuvenates the skin.

All you need to do it roll in an UPWARD directions over your cheeks, around your eyes, and on your neck.

I love doing it first thing in the morning because it wakes me up and keeps my skin feeling fresh and cool much longer after I use it. 

Then you can rub it on your boyfriends face in the morning while he’s sleeping to give yourself a good laugh and wake his ass up. 



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