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I’m really excited to talk to you guys about this topic because I’ve been talking to my clients about this a lot more lately and it’s been one of the biggest and easiest factors in their weight loss journey. 

Okay so you guys know how I’m going to school to be a trainer right now? YEAH. School to be a PERSONAL TRAINER. Ever heard of it 😉 Honestly, I hadn’t. I thought you just took a class online and then got certified and then BAM, you’re a personal trainer. 

Turns out that thats what most trainers do which is why most trainers actually aren’t very good but – that’s a different post. 

Anyways – I go to school at Show Up Academy here in LA and I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. My coach is super dope and VERY knowledgeable which is where this whole concept of counting calories came back into my life. 

So like 5 years ago, I was horribly OBSESSED with counting my calories. I put myself on a strict 1,000 calories a day diet while working out because – well – I was an idiot haha and I’m pretty sure I had body dysmorphia. 

Once I realized that I had an obsession with counting calories every second of every day, I did my best to stop, and let myself eat according to what felt good. Ever since then, I stopped counting calories and really just tried to pay attention to the ingredients that were in the foods I was eating. 

I think because I already had a good idea of the calories in most things that I was able to choose super healthy things and not feel like I was over eating them, AND THIS is where I notice a lot of girls are confused today. 

A lot of girls are on the “counting ingredients” train. Meaning – a lot of us are eating things that are healthy and trendy like non gmo, organic, all natural etc, which is GREAT, but because it’s healthy doesn’t mean that we can eat endless amounts of it. 

This is why when clients come to me and tell me that they eat super healthy but they aren’t losing weight…as a matter of fact they’re GAINING weight, I ask them to do a food log for me. 

The food log consists of logging your macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and protein) plus calories for 2-3 days. And NO cheating!

I want to see it all!

The almond milk in your coffee, the olive oil on your salad and in your sauteed veggies, plus the 1 glass of wine and 1 small bag of chips you had after dinner. 

THESE ALL HAVE CALORIES! We like to make up rules when it comes to food and say that “this doesn’t count” or “this is basically like 0 calories” haha, it’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. It’s like mmmm nope! Pretty sure that olive oil just added an extra 130 calories to your daily intake.

Or when we say “I just had hummus. Hummus is healthy!” Did you eat half of the container? I think I’ve probably done that before, it’s pretty easy to be honest haha and it’s also like 350 calories. Also did you eat it with about 13 gluten free crackers? That’s another 140 calories. 

I’m not saying that any of this is bad AT ALL. I’m just suggesting that maybe we should consider paying closer attention to what the calories are in the foods we’re eating if our goal is weight loss. Because if it IS, then a hummus and gluten free cracker snack that is 490 calories is something we need to be aware of, ya know?!

And I hope that I’m not coming off like I’m some kind of saint because I’m not haha. Doing a food log is very humbling even for me! I’ll go a week or two thinking I’m eating cleaner than I am and doing a food log always brings me back to reality. 

So it’s not so that we can look it over and beat ourselves up over it, it’s just so that we can be aware of what were doing and change it if necessary !

Here’s what I suggest:

Download this food log that I created and fill it out for 2-3 days! (You’ll want to print multiple copies, I’d say 1-2 per day). If you have a cheat day, fill out the food log, if you have a super clean day, fill out the food log, if you have a day where you didn’t have much time to eat and your energy sucked all day, fill out the food log. 

This will give you an idea of what your range is 🙂

After you fill it out, e-mail me at info@chelseyrosehealth.com and we can discuss what to do next! I can help you figure out how many calories you should be eating on a day to day basis depending on your goals, and I can help you figure out what to start removing from your diet in order to make weight loss happen smoothly 🙂

OR – just start with the two week reset cleanse!! All of my clients have noticed results with this cleanse so this is a great place to start 🙂

That’s all for today! I hope the food log helps you out 🙂






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