Hi ladies!

Ughhh telling this story seems so surreal and makes me super giddy at the same time. I sort of explained it on Instagram the other day and some of you responded by telling me similar stories that you have experienced and others gave me book recommendations!

I am just in awe that I had the chance to experience this and got to connect with other women who have also had the chance to have a DEEP meditation so I wanted to share my experience on here just in case there’s anyone else that want’s to share what happened to them!

Okay, so it was a day, just like any other….

Haha. Just kidding. 

I was actually really tired. I worked a late night and had to be at this new studio I was trying out where the ONLY focus in MEDITATION. No yoga, just meditation. I figured I would try it out because honestly…I have classpass and I haven’t been able to use any of my classes because I’ve been sick haha. So I was like, perfect, I guess I’ll just go TRY to meditate with other people. 

I’ve tried meditating before and although it’s been a while, I figured I had a really good idea of what is was, how it felt, and why it was so important. 

I’ve read about a million benefits that meditation has and I’ve read so many articles of celebrities who swear by meditation so for a minute like 6 months ago I would meditate for 15 minutes every morning and I always felt more relaxed and at peace afterwards but that was about it. 

No life changing experiences, nothing really out of the ordinary. Just a little feel good vibe from letting my mind be as silent as I could get it. 

So when I went to The Den (the meditation studio in Studio City, LA) the other day, I clearly had LOW expectations. Honestly I kinda just wanted to go back to sleep, my eyes we’re like burning out of my face haha I definitely needed rest, BUT looking back on it, I have a feeling that going into my meditation already relaxed and sleepy allowed me to have the experience I had. 

The class was a guided FOCUS meditation for 30 minutes and I was one of 5 people in the room. I picked the pillow chair on the end, wrapped a grey fuzzy blanket over my feet all the way up to my shoulders, and shut my eyes. 

The instructor was still explaining to us what we would be focusing on in class but I was just so excited to close my eyes that I just kept them shut from the time I sat down, all the way until the end. 

Okay, let’s get to the juicy stuff. 

After maybbbe 15 minutes of my eyes being closed and me QUICKLY coming in and out of consciousness (like you know those 5 second naps that feel like forever, like when you start falling asleep while watching a movie?) over and over again, I heard the instructor tell us to start focusing on taking deeper breaths. 

I did that and kept just seeing the inside of my eyelids. From previous times when I would meditate for a while, the most I ever felt like I would see was what looks like space. 

It just looks like a million tiny sparkly stars are flying by me and twisting and turning. It’s almost too fast sometimes but it’s fun and I feel like somewhere else. 

So in this moment I said in my head, “Take me to space”.

And INSTANTLY it was like a door opened and I just fell into space. (If any of you right now are thinking, this bitch is crazy…it’s about to get a lot more weird/epicccc).

This time though it was slower, and I was able to stay there for longer. At one point I unzipped a black wall and poked my head in and it was just like poking my head into space which was cool. It was like a new perspective. 

I have no idea how long this went on for but I was having so much fun. The music around me in the room had faded at some point and whether or not my instructor was talking or not, I have no idea. 


I legit FELT a shift. Something was different and I knew I had gone into deep meditation. 

Mind you, this is coming from someone who basssically never mediated and all I knew were the HEALTH benefits of meditating, nothing about the experience, because I didn’t even know these experiences were an option. 

I feel like I remember smiling at myself.

I started seeing bright purple and violet colors taking over all my vision. It looked like I was going down a slide somewhat slowly and the all the empty space around me was a mix of these different shades of purple. 

Then it looked like flowers were passing me on the left and right, but just big shapes of flowers, one after the other. 

I remember having so much fun for maybe a minute? I have no idea. And then my logical mind kicked in and I started thinking to myself…

OHH. They must put on moody lights during this part of the session here at the studio, and maybe they just have different shapes dancing around the room through lights while we do this. 

I was bummed when I “realized” that this had to be the case but still I didn’t open my eyes because it was so magical. 

And then..for a brief moment…believe me or don’t, i thought about leaving this part out but fugg it..

I was still in my meditation but it was just me in the room and a man, kind of translucent sitting next to me with his back to me. Even typing this I know it sounds insane but it happened. 

Shorty after that I started to hear the instructor come back and tell us to start moving our fingers and toes and I was back. 

Just like that. 

I walked out of the room and went up the the manager. I was feeling AMMMAZING and I just asked her, “Do you guys turn on different lights in the studio while we’re meditating?”

No she said, with a smile. “Why?”

“wow. Well because while I was sitting there I saw bright purple lights and shapes and I just figured that you guys must have turned something on.”

At this point she just smiled and told me how rare that is, to see the color purple during meditation, and she told me that I should go look into that immediately. So that’s exactly what I did and it led me into this whole other world of meditation that I didn’t even know existed.

You guys started sending me stories and pictures of your experiences and I was just in awe that this potential was always there, just waiting to be tapped. 

I am now reading a book that was recommended by a reader called “Many Lives, Many Masters” and it is opening my eyes to a whole new worlllld right now. I’m in love with it!

Since then I’ve only been back to the den once, and it wasn’t the same. I’m sure for a lot of reasons. The focus of class was ENERGY rather than FOCUS for starters, and I wasn’t sleepy during this session which like I said, I think made things easier when diving into meditation the first time. 

I also of course knew more about the instructor and the class time and structure so when he would say something I would think to myself, “shit there’s only like 10 minutes left. hurry take me to space, take me to space…!” Haha. I was trying to force it and recreate what I experienced the first time and the truth is, you just can’t do that. Maybe there’s something entirely new to see!

I will keep you guys updated on my next sessions but in the mean time, thank you so much for letting me be open and share this with you guys! 

If you have a story of your own please share it below!




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