Rachel is like a big ball of happiness and positivity which is why I absolutely love being around her and also why I feel like we connected so easily. 

We’ve seen each other at multiple events in LA and we share the hustle of content creating, blogging, and event attending if you will, all while working a full time job. 

I wanted to interview Rachel because her blog is SO cute and since she is always so positive, I wanted to see how she manages to balance everything.


C: For anyone that doesn’t know you, give us a few sentences to just introduce yourself and let everyone know what you’re all about!

R: Hi! I’m Rachel Rhee, creator of The Dimple Life. I strive to motivate and inspire others to live their best lives – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Fitness isn’t just about sweat to me. Being fit is about how we treat ourselves in all aspects of our lives. I blog and frequently post on my Instagram account about the importance of personal growth, living a balanced life, and being kind to ourselves. The smile – or dimple – comes from when you learn to love yourself from within!


C: I know you like to work out and eat clean but what would you say you’re FAVORITE go-to work out is as well as you’re FAVORITE on-the-go healthy meal that we can make at home!

R: My go to workouts are always boxing and spinning. I currently teach spin at Sanctuary Fitness in the Arts District in Downtown LA.


As for meals, I’m a big fan of veggie bowls. Every week that I meal prep I roast cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, and any veggie that i have on hand, and just add quinoa, salmon, or baked chicken on top for my protein. It’s so simple and you can definitely make a whole bunch ahead of time to save time during the week!


C: Okay be totally honest – we both know that having a blog is super hard work yet satisfying and fun at the same time. What would you say the hardest thing is about running your own blog/website?

R: I currently have a full time, corporate job, as well as a blog, so I struggle the most with balancing both parts of my life. I’d love to write and shoot content all day but unfortunately it can be difficult. One thing I know that helps me with blogging and maintaining social media content, is planning. I can’t stress this enough for anyone who wants to blog. Give yourself a schedule, write on the weekends, write at night, carve out the time to work on what you are most passionate about. I’m a big fan of the hustle. If you want to see your dreams fulfilled, you have to put in the work. 


C: What does a typical busy day look like for you?

R: Each day is so, so different but there are a couple of constants for my typical day. First, I always wake up and do stretches. There is a 5 minute yoga flow that I do that really helps wake up my mind and body. For anyone that is new to yoga, I highly recommend checking out YouTube for some great guided practices.

After I do my stretches, I make a smoothie filled with my favorite berries and collagen protein powder. Because I have a full time marketing consulting job and I blog as my second full time job, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I try to keep my creativity and productivity high by doing my work outside of my home. This allows me to disconnect my home environment from work. So, at home I can feel relaxed and I don’t equate it to the stresses of deadlines. 

After finishing all of my work though, I always make sure to get my sweat on. I’m not a big morning workout person so I tend to workout around 6 or 7 in the evening. Now that I’m a spin instructor, I sweat on the bike 3x a week and when I’m not teaching, you can most likely find me at a boxing or sparring class. I always end each evening with journaling.

I recap my highlights of the day – when these occurred, why it made me feel good, etc. and I also write down moments where I may not have been feeling great and I write out why this might potentially have happened.


C: What’s your number one tip for girls that are wanting to start eating healthy?

R: Balance is key, in my opinion. If you are predominantly used to eating pizza and sweets on a daily basis, then switch out your pizza with a leafy green salad (plus a lean protein!), for one of the meals. You don’t have to completely cut out the donuts you love or the pizza you crave. The minute you start cutting it all out, all at once, the more likely you may binge later! Each small change you make in a day, can lead to big results. Just remember, life is not a diet. Don’t feel bad or guilty about giving into a craving. It’s one meal, out of the thousands you will eat in your life! 



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