December really seems like it can be a hit or miss right? I think that we all get caught up in the fact that a whole year has gone by (again) and we wonder if we could have gotten more done. 

We’re really just moving on from the month of December to the month of January but we don’t really look at it like that. I know for me at least, I spend time in December writing down all the things I want to accomplish for the following year. 

When I look back on it I can easily see all the things that I was able to check off vs. all the things I didn’t even come close to finishing – which can be kinda depressing right? Do any of you do that?

Being bummed out is pretty much one of my least favorite things. I hate being in a bad mood or upset but sometimes it’s hard to avoid, especially when it comes to the progress of myself.

SO! I always try to turn things around by finding the positive which is why this year I decided to take a look back on 2016 and write down everything that I was proud of and what I had accomplished. 

I highly recommend trying this! 

It really showed me where my focus was this year, which helps me figure out what I neglected and allows me to make more of an effort in those areas for the following year.

Some things I’m grateful for in 2016:

  • branching off into chelsey rose health
  • launching my first physical product
  • getting better at my photography
  • being more consistent with my blogging
  • doing my biggest collaboration so far 
  • getting paid for my first fitness video shoot 
  • traveling to NY for my first time
  • living with esteban
  • Working with someone who i’ve wanted to work with since i moved to LA
  • Staying Healthy
  • Understanding my direction and getting a better grasp on who I am and how I work
  • Doing collaborations with Breville, Perfect Bar, FItMoo, BeFit, Persu, FabFitFun, and more

 I definitely noticed that my focus this year was all about work and growing my brand which I’m very excited about. I knew that that was what I wanted to focus on this year and I’m happy with the progress that I made. I’m so grateful for new people that I’ve gotten close to and how I’ve managed to be more consistent.

I’m HUGE on writing down goals and keeping them somewhere where you can see them at all times. People sometimes ask me if I have a journal, or a notebook, or a planner to organize…I literally have all 3 plus two white boards, and keep reminders and notes in my phone.


It is so important to figure out what you want in the long run and then working backwards to figure out what you need to do DAY TO DAY to get to that end goal. If you don’t write these things down then you can’t be aware of the progress you’ve made and you might lose direction and motivation. 

I just wrote down my goals for 2017 in the notes on my computer but I plan on transferring them to my white boards at home and I plan on talking to a few people about them. 

Talking to people that support you about what your goals are and what you want to accomplish is SO IMPORTANT. 

When I tell people that I want to do something, they tend to check in on me about them and the progress I’ve made. They also can be a helping hand because they know what I’m wanting to do so they might meet people that could help me accomplish my goals.

So, to take a step in holding myself accountable, I want to share with you guys some of the things that i want to accomplish/ some things that I’m excited about for the upcoming year!

  • Spend more quality time with my family
  • Start a podcast
  • Create a membership for my readers with exclusive content
  • Offer my health guide and fitness guide
  • Spend less time at my 9-5 and more time at home doing what I love
  • Move in to a place with my boyfriend!
  • Take my sisters on a trip
  • Start a new hobby
  • Meet new fitness goals
  • Fix my back
  • Start meditating
  • Start a serious savings account to buy a house
  • Pay of my credit cards
  • Take random trips throughout the United States

That’s just some of the things that I want to focus on this year but I’m realizing that I want to try to spend more time exploring and spending time with my family this year. 

I also hope to make new leaps in my career and try to back away from being at my normal job as much. 

Now i’ll take this list and try to start planning it out. I’ll try to plan trips, I’ll start seeing what I need to do to start a podcast, how long it takes and what I need to do weekly to make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

I’ll write down fitness goals (maybe one for each month?) and I’ll start making appointments for physical therapy to get my back straightened out. 

See how this all helps me work towards my goals? Without this list, I would just enter the new year with a few ideas that I would probably only work on casually when I decided to think about it. 

Now I know what I want, and I can have a game plan. This is so important in reaching your goals so I highly recommend that you try it and also try writing down everything your proud of from 2016 rather than being bummed out about what you didn’t finish. 

Let me know what some of your goals are below so I can help hold you accountable!






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