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Alrighty – you guys have been asking me a lot lately for my LATEST skin care routine and I just wanted to start off by saying that I’m really excited to share this with you because these products have been THE MOST effective ones in clearing up my skin!

So I would say my skin has always been “clear” for the most part. I didn’t have like chronic acne or anything like that but I would get like 3 bad zits a month and then I kind of always had those little pearl like white bumps…?

You guys know what I’m talking about? I think the technical term is “milia” but either way, I used to always have some of that on my cheek bones.

From my understanding, they’re basically the result of the protein Keratin getting trapped beneath the surface of the skin MEANING that you can easily get rid of them with the right kind of exfoliator. 

Now – before I became a littttle more educated on skin care, my go to exfoliator was that super grainy apricot scrub – you know the one that you get from the grocery store? I thought it was THE BEST! Little did I know, it’s WAY too rough for our skin, ESPECIALLY our face.

I should know that you get what you pay for hahah. 


So I went and saw Dr Kay and she immediately told me that I needed to use a glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is able to deeply penetrate the skin, not just the surface, which makes it the most effective thing when it comes to treating acne, blackheads, fine lines and dull looking skin. 

I used this cleanser immediately and after 3 weeks, my face was 100% cleared up!! 

So we love that, obviously. Then I was just so excited that I was using a product that actually worked that I started talking to Dr Kay about other skin products that I thought I could use. 

One thing I was looking for was an eye cream just because I know that the skin around our eyes is very delicate and is supposed to have it’s own TLC. I also told her that I wanted to avoid fine lines as much as possible and that my skin was often dry SO – she came through with allll the solutions.

Dry skin = wrinkles. SO in order to avoid that we need to keep oils on our face as often as possible. (if you’re someone that has naturally oily skin – I’m super jealous haha)

To keep my skin hydrated she suggested that I get her Hyaluronic Water Gel ASAP. 

Hyaluronic acid keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, which contributes to theanti-aging benefits of the skin

She also suggested that I get her Brighten and Tighten Vitamin C serum because Vitamin C is not only necessary for collagen production and maintenance, but it is also a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the skin

Then for under-eyes, I purchased her REVITAL EYES, which I use every other night. According to Dr Kay, “this formulation combines All-trans-Retinol, green tea, arnica, and vitamin K along with a system of chelators and peptides to deliver maximum results”.

So, to break everything down so far, when I wake up and before I go to bed I TAKE OFF MY MAKE UP WITH CLINIQUE “TAKE THE DAY OFF” MAKE UP REMOVER, then I exfoliate with Dr Kay Glycolic Acid cleanser AND THEN I put the Hyaluronic Gel on and wait for my skin to absorb it, then apply the Vitamin C serum.

You guys still with me? 

I know it might sound like a lot, but believe me, once you find products that you like and see results in your skin, you totally look forward to grabbing a tea, going in your bathroom, and winding down OR waking up for like 10 minutes. 


Okay – moving on. 

So if I am getting ready for my day then I go through everything I just listed above and THEN finish things off with THIS SUNSCREEN.

I got this from the Murad skin care line and absolutely LOVE IT. It goes on smooth, I don’t need to try to rub it in for forever, it’s actually orange so there’s no white residue, and it has SO MUCH PROTECTION. 


If I am about to go to sleep, then I will follow all of the steps from above but instead of applying sunscreen, I will apply the eye cream then this Dr Kay night time moisturizer. SO when I go to bed, my skin is OILED THE FUCK UP. I feel SO clean and I wake up to hydrated, glowing , acne free skin.

I learned that when it comes to applying products on your face, you want to put the THINNEST one on first that way the skin can absorb them. 

I would suggest starting with 1-2 products from this list and seeing how you like the way your skin feels, and then get more. Like I said, I used to use drug store face wash and for some people that’s enough but unfortunately that just wasn’t the case for me so finding these products and deciding to invest in them instead of dinner, was a good call, if I do say so myself. 

You can find all of Dr Kay’s products here

You can find the Clinique make up remover here

You can find the Murad sunscreen here

Invest in your face! 


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