All who are guilty for not showering or changing out of your workout clothes post gym workouts say ‘I’.

Ummm yeah, SAME.

I mean yeah sometimes I do but sometimes, I don’t. And I’m starting to realize that it’s completely disgusting, HA! When I leave the gym I’m ENERGIZED. I’m thinking clearly about everything I have going on that day, I’M ON THE MOVE.

I don’t want to pause in order to go home, clean up, shower, UGHHH. It’s such a processssss.

But, luckily we don’t have to do ALL of that, we just need to do a few little things that will totally help, like a lot. Let’s get to it.


Oh God. You know how many times I’ve walked up to a sweaty stair master? (initiate gag reflex)… I’m holding weights that have just been man handled by Big Biceps over there sweating out a waterfall, the handles on the elliptical…OBVIOUSLY EVERYTHING. 

We HAVE to wash our hands after working out because 1. There’s germs ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE and 2. We touch our faces like a million times a day, you don’t want to combine the two.

* Remember to put tea tree oil on any super clogged pores where you feel pimples forming*


When we exercise and sweat our skin becomes very warm and sensitive and our pores open right on up, making them more exposed to bacteria and toxins. Bring some make up wipes with you and gently wipe your face after your next workout as well as a gentle cleanser. 

Read all about my favorite cleanser here.


When I work out, I sweat, A LOT. It’s one of the best ways to detox so I love it BUT it can completely dry out our skin so I make sure that after I rinse and cleanse my face, I throw on a little moisturizer. I like Aveeno’s moisturizer + SPF lotion for added benefits.

Also drink tons of water! 


I know none of us want to talk about it BUT we gotta talk about it. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES WHEN YOU GET HOME. I know like I mentioned before, we’re all busy but when you just sit in your sweaty gym clothes all day you allow bacteria to build up which clogs your pores causing acne, odor and yes…even painful horrible yeast infections.


When I get home I change my clothes, wipe off with some Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes ($3.35), and apply a little lavender body oil to my neck and wrists for a lasting scent. 

Also – I love to purchase this all natural Rose Water for super cheap, then pour it into a spray bottle then use it after the gym to hydrate my face and it obviously smells amazing! 


Fitness people build up more dead skin cells than those who are un-active so it’s important that we tend to our entire body by exfoliating at least twice a week.

Check out my post on dry brushing to see how to do it! (Also helps get rid of cellulite!). 

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