Sooo getting bikini ready for summer in general is usually a big enough motive to kick my ass in gear BUT when you throw Miami into the picture, a girls gotta step up her game, right?

I’m already picturing bright bikinis, plain cheeky bikinis, sun hats, and margaritas!

BUT i’ve realized that I am straight up THE WORST when it comes to depriving myself of things. As soon as I say I cant have ANY alch or ANY sweets, or ANY extra carbs, I LOAD UP.

I don’t know why but I know a lot of girls do this. So what i’ve learned is thatI have to set mini goals in order to get to the big one and that usually always works. 

For example, instead of saying “I’m not having any drinks until we land in Miami”, I’m just not going to have any drinks from Monday – Saturday, & I’ll allow myself drinks on Sunday. Same goes for extra carbs. Like have you guys seen that zoodle pasta i’ve been making on my snap ? (CHELSEYROSE) The cous cous I put on that is seriously SO GOOD that if I don’t put it in the fridge as soon as I get my serving out for lunch, then i’ll pick at it haha.

But if i’m strict with myself throughout the week then I don’t feel bad about having more on Sunday. 

Okay, anyways, I’m blabbering. 

Here’s my plan for the next 2 months!

Breakfast: My green protein Smoothie (LOW SUGAR!) or my blueberry breakfast smoothie (just because I’m hooked on these right now & I can eat the same thing for literally months. + they’re obviously loaded with ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and will give me fuel without making my digestive system use up too much energy first thing in the morning.)

Workout: So I have ClassPass & I freaking LOOOVEE it. If you do have Class Pass I suggest doing what I just started doing which is booking four days worth of classes at a time. I would do more if I could but the max is 4. I pick at least one cardio class like Spin or a boot camp HIIT type of class, one Yoga class, and two sculpting classes like barre or pilates

Days 5 & 6 are just whatever sounds good or whatever I feel like I need. My schedule has kind of been to do a hard ass class on Saturday afternoon since I take Sundays off and then I slowly get back into the workout week with Ariel Yoga on Mondays, then take on that 4 day schedule. 

Scheduling your workouts is a HUUUGE way to be successful with your bod goals. The hardest part about working out realllly is showing up. Your mind will try to stop you 10 million times before your body does. Your body WANTS to go. 

If you don’t have class pass and you workout at home or go to the gym, I’d suggest this schedule:

Monday: Walk uphill for 30 minutes

Tuesday: My booty Blaster Workout before Lunch

Wednesday: 20 Minute Intervals ( 2 minutes quick walk, 1 minute SPRINT)

Thursday: My HIIT Game

Friday: 30 Minute run + This Abs Workout ( It’s harder than it looks!)

Saturday: My full body at home workout as featured on The Body Book. 


Lunch: Always a protein and greens or healthy carbs and greens for me. I believe in a diet high in protein, greens, and healthy carbs and low in fat. That doesn’t just mean “low fat” titled foods. those are actually usually always worse for you because companies replace that fat with sugar. It means I try to make even healthy fats my least consumed micronutrient. I’ve found that that just works better for MY body AND I was influenced after reading the China Study. (Read my review of the book here). BUT as always – do what is best for you and always consult a doctor before starting a new eating plan that you are unsure of. 

I love making Zucchini Noodles with a spiralizer (Some are as cheap at 10.00 bucks like this one on amazon!) & then I add 1/2 cup of couscous to it + lemon. SOOO GOOOOD.

Or I’ll make a HUGE arugula salad + 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta.

Or my cilantro Salad <3

Honestly right now I’m SO GOOD with those three options. I’m obsessed with how these dishes fill me up but don’t make me sleepy, they’re all vegetarian and made with fresh ingredients! I have to stay on the go, I don’t have time to crash in the middle of the day so I don’t eat anything too heavy.

Snacks: Okay. The flax seed tortilla chips from Trader Joes are my shit. I love snacking on those with their pineapple salsa. 

Jimica + hummus is bomb and refreshing because jimica is packed with water. 

1/2 cup cous cous – because sometimes I just can’t resist.

A Juice. Right now I’m loving NAKED’s New Cold Pressed Juices. Found them at VONS.

Still with me? Almost done 🙂

Dinner: I always always always no matter what, every night of the week have a salad with dinner. 

I don’t think it’s necessary to completely avoid carbs for dinner, but I do take a very small portion…like maybe 1/4 cup grains of quinoa, sweet potato or brown rice if I’m in the mood.

Then I’ll do some kind of protein like beans or fish and then my salad. But honestly I’m a HUUUUGE fan of bowls. I actually think I eat every single meal out of a bowl HA. 

I like to mix everything together. So i’ll do a bowl of cauliflower rice with egg whites and veggies and make a “stir fry” or quinoa + veggies and shrimp if i’m feeling fancy…because shrimp is soo FANCY…

Or just another huge salad + grains because I really am obsessed. 

The idea here is everything is natural ingredients, no animal meat, milk , cheese or yogurt, lots of water and coffee or tea. 

I count ingredients NOT calories and I set small goals. 

I hope this helps you figure out a schedule for yourself! 

xoxo Chelsey

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