UGH SKIN CARE. So desirable but so confusing right?? 

I don’t know why but I kinda like JUUUST STARTED to really care about taking care of my skin. About a year ago I started the whole sunscreen in the morning thing but it hasn’t been consistent, kinda like ANY new habit.

But lately, I’ve been ALL ABOUT IT.

I started browsing top rated skin care blogs and have been reading everything, everywhere. 

(I got close to buying some expensive shit- I feel like they’re good at explaining to you why you need 200.00 sunscreen. TOOO GOOD….)

Anyways I DIDN’T, I only ended up buying two new items, 1 from Sprouts and 1 from Marshall’s and kept it cheap! I had everything else BUT I learned the order that I’m supposed to be using everything. 

Let’s talk.



This might just be a personal thing but when the brows are on and the lip stick is dark, I don’t want to try to scrub it off in the sink for 20 minutes while trying to keep product from getting in my eyes and keep water from dripping all the way down to my elbows. 

I like to take a make up wipe and GENTLY take off the hard stuff. DO NOT PULL YOUR SKIN WHILE USING A MAKE UP WIPE. Be as gentle as possible.


Ahhh yes. Get off the rest of your make up, get off any dead skin that has built up and ENJOY. Wrinkles are caused by a lot of things including the sun, smoking, and genetics but ALSO by the build up of dead skin. We need to make sure we gently scrub away those impurities in order to reveal fresh glowing skin. 

AND it doesn’t need to be the most expensive thing you’ve ever purchased. I LOVE this one that was sent to me in a gift bag so i’ve been using this one BUT once this is out I’ll go back to my favorite drug store face wash – St Ives Apricot Scrub. 


My all time favorite cleanser is Thayer’s witch hazel formula. I did an entire blog post on it here, but it is an AMAZING cleanser that’s like 10 dollars and it is made of witch hazel, aloe vera, and rose water. Could you even ask for anything better?

After we exfoliate our skin, we want to use a cleanser to remove excess dirt, oil, and other types of pollutants from the face. We are exposed to pollutants pretty much all day everyday and if we just let it sit then we start to notice pimples and blemishes. 

(When I first started using this cleanser, I noticed I would wake up in the morning and my face would feel tighter but NOT dry. It is SO refreshing, I’m addicted. It has helped even my skin tone & a million other things so check it out. 


Every skin care blog I read said to do the same thing. You want to apply your skin care products in order from thinnest to thickest. This way your skin can absorb each thing. If you put on a thick lotion first and then try to apply an oil, it’s just going to sit on your face and not really get absorbed. 

When it comes to oils you can really use whichever one that you’re most in love with, just find one that works for you! Pretty much all oils are amazing, that’s why you hear so much about grapeseed oil and coconut oil and what not. (See my post about how I’m using essential oils in my bedroom!)

I fell in LOVE with Rose Hip Oil because it obviously smells amazing and it is known for repairing sun damage and skin discoloration. 

For someone like me that didn’t start using sunscreen until a year ago, this is a major plus. 

I also put it on in the am, after I cleanse of course.


Now you are ready for your cream! Again, any time your applying oils or creams, do it gently. Try not to pull the skin so that you can keep the elasticity of your skin strong and to keep from forming new wrinkles. 

Apply in small circles with your fingertips and push UP rather than using your whole hand to apply and pulling in a downward motion. 

I read about plenty of night creams but ended up going to sprouts to get a 20 dollar Collagen night cream. Collagen is the main protein that helps keep skin tight and elastic and it allows it to look supple and soft sooooo it’s kinda important, and it kinda SUCKS when your body starts producing less on it’s own. (Hi #11 and crows feet). 

If you guys have any other suggestions, leave them below!

– Chelsey 



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