About time I do this right?? I’m realizing that a lot of you guys are more into working out than I thought SO i’m trying to add a lot more info for you to the Let’s Get Physical Section. 

So if you guys follow me on SNAP (chelseyrose) you know I’m kind of obsessed with all of these products.

I literally won’t go to the gym until I finish this little routine because I 100% feel the difference in my workout when I don’t have it compared to when I do.

When I don’t have it my workout is ehhh pretty good.

When I DO have these little workout boosters my workout is AMAZING.

I’m sweating off all my regrets, I’m in a competition with myself, I’m focused, and I’m KILLING IT.

(The other day at them gym WHILE I HAD MY HEADPHONES IN, this guy stops me to tell me how focused I looked while I was working out….COOOOOOL STORY GUY, thank you for CLEARLY ruining that.)

I just can’t stand when guys stop to talk to you while you have headphones in. I mean come on.


This morning gym prep takes about mm 7 minutes total? And it’s such a game changer and SO obtainable so I feel like I need to share.

Here’s the plan:

1. Green Things First 

1. As soon as I wake up, I go downstairs and make my Green Drink.

+++ 24 Ounces of Alkaline Water

+++ 1 Lemon, Juiced

+++ 4-5 ice cubes

+++ 1 Scoop of MRM Global Greens

This re hydrates me, starts my digestive system, starts my metabolism and starts cleansing my body. AND i’ve actually replaced my coffee with this. Not intentionally, BUT I started to realize that after I drink this I have energy.

2. Eat a Piece of Fruit

If you guy’s saw my last post on pears, you would know why I’m SERIOUSLY OBSESSED with pears right now. 

I make sure that I have SOMETHING in my stomach before taking my pre workout supplements even though I’m not hungry until after the gym.

It’s way better on your stomach if you have something in there, trust me.

I used to take it on an empty stomach and it was AWFUL. So just eat something. Even if it’s 4 spoon fulls of cold left over quinoa, I don’t care.

3. Pre-Workout & L-Carnetine

Ah, my two best friends. What’s up. I first have a cap full of L-Carnetine and then I have my pre workout with alkaline water in a short glass because although it’s not bad tasting, I don’t really want to just sip on it.


In the most simplest terms…L-Carnitine allows your body to transport your fat into the mitochondria (remember science class? That’s the power house of the cell). Once the fat is there, your body will start using it to FUEL you, so now you are using your body’s fat storages as energy.

I TOTALLY feel this while I’m working out, plus i’ve noticed that it kinda suppressus my appetite which can be some what beneficial for anyone that over eats compared to what they burn.

Mainly though, I love the energy it gives me.


Girl do you want to sweat or nah? Haha, this pre workout is just such a great little tool to get some pep in your step first thing in the morning and it makes me sweat like crazy. I can’t go to the gym without it. 

By the end of my workout I’m drenched. 

4. ATP?

According to breakingmuscle.com, ATP is one of the major players in the human body when it comes to energy, and my guess is…we could all use as much energy as we can get. 

ATP is something that our bodies produce naturally and it is responsible for our exertion of energy. So throw a punch, or jump in the air and throw out a thank you to ATP.

BUT, throw out punches for 5 minutes straight or jump 30 times in a row and you’re going to deplete your storage of ATP.

Taking ATP supplements helps us get thru those last couple of reps on say a round of 20 jump squats.

SO, since i’ve been focusing on a lot of HIIT workouts lately in order to burn fat efficiently and quickly, I’ve been doing a lot of jumping and a higher amount of reps so this has been GOLD for me.

Ready for the BEST news of all?

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xoxo Have fun!

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