This drink is only 3 ingredients and it is seriously so ridiculously good, i’m sorry I haven’t shared it with you sooner. I’ve seen this as a juice combo by a lot of different juice companies but I figured since it’s ONLY 3 INGREDIENTSSSS I could obviously just save money and make it at home. Wooooo!

What you’ll need:

– Pineapple

– Green Apples

– Mint

Cut up two apples however they need to be cut so that they fit into you juicer, and then get to cutting your pineapple. To cut a pineapple you just need a good, big sharp knife. Be Careful! Cut the top and bottom off first so that it will easily sit flat Then cut in about one inch sections starting from the top and moving towards the bottom. You might need to go back once the hard part is off and just cut some small sections off where there are still little brown dots. 

Then lay the pineapple on it’s side and cut straight down so that you turn it into a bunch of these pieces! This way you know how much to use in your juice. 

Grab half a bundle of fresh mint. (Tip: In order to keep your mint from quickly going bad in your fridge, lightly damp a paper towel and gently wrap the mint in it, making sure you don’t wrap it too tight. Then place the paper towel with the mint leaves into a plastic baggy and close it half way. This way it can still breathe, and then it will stay fresh longer).

Now you’re ready to juice!! Put in both your apples, 3 PIECES OF CUT PINEAPPLE, and half a bundle of mint. (Tip: Put the pineapple. Since it kinda gets mushy it’s best to put it in first so that the mint leaves and the rhine of the apple help pull all the pineapple through). 

Add some ice if you want it SUPER refreshing and enjoy!

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