OK. Lets just get right to it.

I used to do the depo shot and it completely messed up my cycle and it involved getting a shot in my ass every 3 months so I ditched that and moved to the pill. The pill was whatever but I seriously ALWAYS forgot. Like I would take 3 in a day. Then my cycle was obviously all messed up again and my mood was all overrrr the place.

I talked to my doctor and she said that the IUD might be a good option for me so I talked to some of my friends who has gotten it first and all the stories were pretty much horrid. 

Worst pain of their entire lives kind of horrid. BUT they said after a few months you’re all good to go – like good to go for 5-10 freaking years depending on whether you get the copper one (non hormonal) or the Mirena which HAS hormones. 

I went in wanting the copper one because I didn’t like the idea of adding hormones to my body but since I’m anemic the doc said I need to get the Morena. I talked to her though about the hormones and she said that the hormones are not released throughout your entire body, they are just released in the cervix and that’s it.

I decided to move forward with it and went in for my appointment. So this is kinda gross but – she said to come in WHILE I was on my next cycle. Likeeee ew really? haha BUT her reasoning was that our cervix isn’t as tight while we on our cycle so it would be easier to insert the IUD. so WHATEVER. 

So I go in, lay on the bed ASS NAKED super awkward and they TRY to put in this damn thing and seriously like we are just NOT meant to feel what I felt. I don’t want to give you too many details but basically, she couldn’t get it in because my cervix was still too tight.


I had to make ANOTHER EFFING DOCTORS APPOINTMENT, and to be even more honest I had taken 1/2 a xanex before I got there because I heard the stories of how bad it hurt and I needed a little help RELAXING.

Welp. My appointment got cut short obviously and then I was lazy AF for the rest of the day. 

Alright now pay attention. So doc gives me some pills before I leave and ALL SHE TELLS ME is ” Here, take these pills about an hour before your next appointment. They’re just going to help expand your cervix.” THAT WAS IT. Okay cool whatever.

Couple weeks later, wake up yayyy I’m finally getting this birth control blah blah take my 2 pills and a few minutes later I just felt really relaxed. (Pills were called MISOPROSTOL btw). So I’m like coooool doctor totally feels me on the relaxation thing & this is gunna be a breeze.


Probably 5 minutes after taking these pills, I felt a SUPER DEEP HORRIBLE pain what felt like 8 feet behind my belly button. I was curled up in a ball on my bed and COULD NOT MOVE. Best part? I had to drive 45 minutes to my appointment. I can’t even explain how bad it hurt. I was walking to my car bent over, no one else could drive me so I was screwed and wanted to DIE.

Literally on the way out of my complex I went over 2 speed bumps and had to get out of the car because I felt like I was going to throw up. I stayed hunched over the entire way to the doctors office which took forever in LA traffic.

When I went in for the procedure the pain had finally subsided and you can imagine how scared I was for the actual insertion. (I’ll take wine, Tequilla, & Xanax please thanks!)

But – the actual procedure was actually a breeze and took no more than 10 minutes total. 

So I don’t know if the pain I felt on the way there compares to the pain you feel during insertion if your cervix isn’t dialated but I would imagine it is. 

So the first week after I was on a light cycle for about 10 days. ANNOYING.

Then for the first three months I was getting my period just whenever my body felt like having one which seemed like twice a month. Also annoying. BUT, now I can honestly say that it is AMAZING not having to worry about taking the pill or scheduling doctors appointments AND my period actually stopped! I spot like once a month for 2-3 days MOST and thats it. 

Giving all my tampons to my roomate was prettttty sweet.

Have you guys had the IUD? What do you think?


xoxo CR


  1. hi Chelsea
    did you notice any difference in libido post IUD and also compared to being on the pill if that affected you at all…? do you have any info on it…?
    how about weight gain on IUD…? any?
    Im considering the Mirena, but still very reluctant so Im doing as much research as possible before I decide…

    1. Hey Christa!! No I didn’t gain weight and I didn’t notice anything different with my libido. It’s interesting now that I don’t have my period though because every now and then I’ll get crampy and I’ll be a bit moody and then have cravings and then get teary eyed during commercials haha so you still get all the side effects of having a period without actually having one.
      I’m still liking that I have it. I never have to worry about it! I just get it checked every few months and that’s it!

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