So I feel like I’ve been keeping you guys a lot more updated with my workout schedule and results via insta and snap BUUUT although I’ve told you I’ve been strict with my diet, I haven’t really broken it down yet.

First of all, these pictures were taken only 1 month apart. The one on the right was taken right when I got home from NY so I had been eating everything, drinking everything, I was dehydrated and swollen form traveling. The one on the right was taken a few days ago after 3 weeks of following this eating schedule and sticking to my workouts. 



First lets quickly go over what my diet was like before because it didn’t really seem that bad.

I would wake up in the morning, have a cup of bullet proof coffee and maybe a piece of whole wheat toast with 3 egg whites + sriracha. 

Then I would go to the gym, come home and have a plant based protein smoothie which usually included greens, a banana, almond milk and almond butter, flax seeds, and other super food powders. 

For lunch I might have my Curry cauliflower rice or as of lately I was having a can of tuna with vegan mayo, bread and butter pickles and whole wheat crackers. 

So far not too bad yeah?

So then I would go to work, and this is where I’m realizing the downfall was. 

I would run around for 4 hours then be starving without time to take a break so I would go sneak a piece of pretzel bread with butter like a freaking animal and stuff my face then go back to work. Cool right?

Then I would snack on the jalepeno olives, and then 9:30 pm rolls around and I would finally have time for a break. And I’m one of those people who like, LOVES dinner.

I feel like my day ins’t complete until I have dinner. For some people they feel like they can’t wake up until they have breakfast so, I get it. 

So I would end up eating work food on my break. Not a lot, but enough that it was messing up my diet. Not to mention the food there is all covered in grease and oil so even if I’m having small portions, it adds up over the week. 

After eating and drinking my way through Thanksgiving I had one of those moments where I decided that i was going to really ACTUALLY get my ish together. 

I think I have pretty decent self control but I clearly lost all control as soon as I went to work, WHICH HAS BEEN A LOT LATELY BECAUSE WE’RE UNDERSTAFFED AND I COULD KILL SOMEONE, but that’s off topic. 

The first thing I did …

the next day on my way to work was stop at Whole Foods and I bought a large bag of raw UNSALTED almonds. 

Who knew how much these little guys would help. I kept them in my car and I would snack on them on the way to work, then I would just bring them inside with me and have some when I felt like I needed a little something. 

I felt like I wasn’t having cravings and I wasn’t as hungry for food by the end of the night. According to this blog, those feelings are pretttty on point. 

Almonds are actually beneficial when it comes to losing weight, despite their higher calorie content. One study even found that almonds consumed as snacks reduce hunger and desire to eat later in the day, and when dieters eat almonds daily they reduce their overall calorie intake. 

The second thing

I made sure to do was really re focus on my water intake. You will be SO surprised how you’re cravings diminish and you eat smaller meals when you’re drinking enough water. 


VERY MINIMAL DRINKING. Ugh I know, trust me, I’m the first to crave a glass of red wine or a whisky sour when it’s cold outside or just a beer at lunch…soothes my soul. Haha, BUT I told myself only 2 drinks max one day a week.

I started shrinking FAST. All my clothes started feeling like they were fitting the way they were supposed to, I’ve been more in control of my eating (no drunchies) and I’ve stayed more hydrated. 

Alrighty, so those were the main changes I made, the main NEW RULES if you will. 

Now here’s what my diet’s been looking like throughout the day.

8:00 am – Wake up, have a small almond or peanut butter Perfect Bar.

I do this because I always hit the gym in the morning and before I do that I have my 3 favorite products from MRM – L Carnitine, Pre Workout, and BCAA’s. These three things combined help with optimal fat burn, weight loss, and muscle retention BUT if you have them on an empty stomach, you’re going to hate yourself.

Also when I take my pre workout and L Carnitine I have it in 1 glass of water so I’m also hydrating as soon as I wake up.

10:00 am – Post Gym Plant Protein Smoothie

Lately I’ve been keeping it really simple and doing this:

– 1 1/2 cups almond milk

– 1 large table spoon of flax seed peanut butter from Trader Joe’s

– 1 Scoop Vanilla Plant Based Protein from MRM ( Remember, you can always go to their site and use my code CHELSEY at check out to get 40% off any product!)

– 1 TSP Cinnamon

– 3 Ice Cubes

– 1 Scoop Collagen Vital Protein (to help with hair, skin and nails!)

Or if I have berries, I loveeeeee this berry smoothie. 

1:00 pm – For lunch lately I’ve been having an organic soup (Annie’s Soup) with a piece of whole wheat toast OR the Kale and Edamame salad from Trader Joe’s because it’s big, amazing and cheap, OR a juice with almonds and or a perfect bar. So I keep it fairly light, never letting myself get to the point that I feel SUPER full.

4:30 pm – On the way to work I munch on almonds pretty much the whole way and take either a juice with me or a chilled green tea. I like to do a caffeinated green tea with a peppermint tea for energy and a better taste. 

7:00 pm – Lately I’ve been brining my spaghetti squash bake with me to work and having that for dinner! I’m so obsessed with it and it’s just a bunch of veggies so I never get too full from eating it but I’m definitely satisfied. I also like it because it can be served hot or cold. 

10:00 pm – I’ve been going for a hot tea around this time made of chamomile, fresh ginger juice, lemon juice, and honey. It’s soooo good, it relaxes me, warms me up and makes me feel like I’m having a little treat before calling it a night. 

Notice how I end up eating something light about every 3 hours. That helps speed up your metabolism because you’re body knows that it’s going to be getting food so it feels like it’s safe enough to quickly digest your food and dispose of it.

This is why when we don’t eat for a long time and then have a meal, our body hangs on to as much of it as possible which promotes WEIGHT GAIN.

Get it? 

So I hope that helps clarify what I’ve been doing! Ask any questions below!


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