Good morning 🙂  It’s currently 9:20 in the morning and I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop thinking about YOU GUYS! sweet of me huh 😉

But really. I get a lot of emails from amazing girls and lots of my girl friends telling me that they’re unhappy with the way they look and I can tell it burdens their confidence.


If you are unhappy with the way you look or feel or feel like you have lost control of your body IT’S OKAY. Just take a moment to realize that you’re in a position that ONLY YOU have the ability to change. And darling you can change it SO QUICKLY. I think most people think that it’s going to take month to make a difference. It will take only a few days to feel different, about 2 weeks to see a difference. Your body wants to change!

You deserve to be happy!!

And this isn’t some ridiculous boot camp series that’ going to make the difference (of course that would help haha) it’s small changes. BABY STEPS.

We all need to take baby steps so that we can accomplish things and not feel overwhelmed. Try going out today and walking a hill near your house up and down for 20 minutes (BOOTY BLASTER).

Get your favorite music on and walk on the board walk or see if you can jump rope for 8 minutes. It may not feel like a lot but if it’s more than what you’ve been doing then it IS AN IMPROVEMENT and therefore it is a positive change and a step forward.

If we kill ourselves from the get go then thats when we get that feeling of defeat and give up. Start creating some kind of routine that you could see yourself doing for the next 50 years, not the next 5 days.


Meaning don’t start becoming more fit by telling yourself that you’re going to start running 8 miles a day. You already know you’re not going to run 8 miles everyday so as soon as you miss that, you feel like you’ve lost.

If you like to have a few drinks don’t tell yourself you’re not drinking for the next 2 months. This is called RESTRICTION and in the end it doesn’t work. Tell yourself you can have one cocktail a week or glass of wine or whatever so that you give yourself a few little rules but nothing aggressive.

So the question from here is still, “So how do I start?”

If I were talking to myself at 18 years old when I personally was 20 pounds overweight, coming off a horrible roller coaster of being fit, quitting sports and gaining weight, suppressing my appetite until I was sick to be skinny, then gaining it all back again PLUS MORE…I would say START HERE:

+ Stop drinking Cows Milk (Have almond, hazelnut or coconut milk instead)

+ Stop Eating Cottage Cheese, Cows Cheese (shredded, string, crumbled whatever).

+ Stop Drinking Soda (Have a fresh juice!)

+Stop ordering coffees at Starbucks filled with sugar and sweeteners and syrups (I used to get a caramel frapp like everyday of my life. Instead get a latte with coconut milk, dirty chai latte or a matcha green tea latte with coconut milk and use RAW sugar).

+ Stop Eating after 8pm (If a craving hits, have almond milk with AMAZING GRASS CHOCOLATE GREENS powder from Whole Foods).

+ Stop Eating French Fries Covered in cheese and MASSIVE CALIFORNIA BURRITOS. Just stop haha

+ Stop eating simple carbs (simple carbs are white anything basically. So white potatoes, white rice, white bread, white flour which is used in pastries and cakes and cookies).

+Start replacing all of those things with COMPLEX CARBS! Complex carbs are good for you and give you energy. This is things like sweet potatoes, whole grain sprouted bread, whole grain rice, whole grain pasta, quinoa, couscous, fruit)

+ Start eating lots of fresh fruit for breakfast

+ Start drinking 3 liters of water a day

+ Start walking to the gym and going on the elliptical for 30 minutes 4 times a week.

These were some personal changes I made when I first began my journey to being healthier. It took some self control (like when i’d go to a friends house and they would be having spaghetti and bread with olive oil for dinner – because who doesn’t love free food, especially when it’s good ol’ pasta haha) But I would kindly decline and just have a huge bowl of salad filled with nutrients. Now look at me! I effing love salads haha.

Sometimes I didn’t want to go to the gym but I knew I would like the feeling once I left. Half the time I would stay longer once I started sweating and before I knew it people at school were telling me that I looked like I had lost weight and I felt in control again.

If you have any personal questions or want me to set you up with a meal plan or fitness plan EMAIL ME! I would love to help you 🙂

xoxo CR

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