does anyone else feel like Britney Spear’s “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” song is starting to be a lot more relevant? Personally I feel like there’s a weekly struggle between “spend more quality time with my friends” & “spend all my time building a business for myself.”

24 is an extremely exciting yet weird age. I feel like I have all the time in the world yet I’m in a rush to do everything at the same time.
Someone told me that your 30’s are exciting and fun because those are the years that you are rewarded for all the work you did in your 20’s. I think that’s where my “get to work” mind set kicks in.

I feel like we’re in a generation where there are endless new opportunities that our parents can’t even comprehend because they are real opportunities that weren’t even ideas when they were our age. I also think that because we’ve seen so many adults live their lives showing up to a job they hate with a boss that they can’t tolerate, many of us feel much more inclinced to ditch that and instead be happy by persuing our passions.

At least this is the case for me. Is it hard? HELL YEAH.

I’m sure I have all the same questions that you do..

– How can I turn my passion into my career?
– When will this get easier…or worth it?
– Will I be able to create a full time job for myself?
– What happens if it doens’t work?

Let me just say that the more I pray, the more I persue my passions and the more I see people at work that HATE their life every day that they’re there…the more I undersand that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen.

This is the stage that everyone wiser than us always talks about. The hard part. The part before it gets easier. The part that proves that you’re only about to achieve something because so far, everything else is failing.

My dad tends to ask me what my back up plan is. This question really only makes me want to succeed at what I’m doing even more because going with a “back up plan” not only means that I faild at what I wanted to do, but that I gave up.
I have a couple ideas for back up but honestly, I just don’t let my brain wonder that way.

I liked when Denzel Washington stated in his commencement speech:

“If I’m going to fall, I don’t want to fall back on anything. I want to fall forward. St least that way I’ll see what I’m going to hit.”

If you’re starting something from the ground up, creating something for yourself & have no idea what you’re doing, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I feel you! Believe me, I get stressed too. Writing about it is really the only thing that puts everything into perspective for me.

Embrace the hard times, be proud of yourself & pray! Good….scratch that…AMAZING things are coming your way!!

Watch a clip of Denzel’s speech here:

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