I feel like I had one of those Bradley Cooper Limitless moments the other day when I was putting on my make up and had a sudden flash back of an article I head read months ago.

Obviously after Margot Robbie’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” came out I fell in love with her and obviously Leo all over again. 

I went through a phase where I wanted to know everything about Margot so I was looking into interviews she had done, beauty tips, fitness regimes, basically ALL THE DEETS. 

 After finding out the expected, like that she uses face creams that I could only dream of spending money on, and that she lives in a 5 bedroom “quaint” space thats decked out like a modern vogue photo, I came across a few things about her that every girl can totally obtain. 

For starters, she’s a fan of beer showers. (a form of de-stressing in which you get home from a long day and have a hot shower or bath…with a cold beer). DUH. 

PERSONALLY I don’t think I could do this every night when I get home because I’m a fan of IPA’s and that ish bloats me up so hard I’d be floating in the tub BUT…let’s move on to her second every day girl tip. 

It’s a make up tip. And I’m so happy to be bringing it on into my own makeup routine. 

BASICALLY it’s all in the flick of a toothbrush. Margot said that she knows by now that when you’re doing you’re make up it has to blend all the way from your forehead to your chest. You have to blend that jaw line with the neck and then make sure that everything is even. 

BUT (for blondes especially) when we do our make up, since our skin tends to be darker than our hair, it’s really hard to put make up on with out turning all of our little baby hairs a weird orangey color. 

I especially do this right in my “sideburn” area. ALL those little tiny hairs right below my temple turn orange and I usually just try to vigorously rub it out. 

Not Margot. She said that she started taking a toothbrush to brush the make up into her hair EVENLY so that it allll blends. 


I do this all the time now. It does the trick, it costs about 5 bucks, and all you have to do is make sure that your boyfriend doesn’t use it on accident, and you’re a perfectly even….golden. 

If you have any more super easy every day girl make up tips, leave it in the comments below!


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