How often do you feel yourself thinking or telling someone, “I just want to lose some fat…”.

I feel like girls are asking me how to do this ALL the time. We all want to put on lean muscle, lose weight and burn fat. Haha GOALS.

What you’ll learn is that muscle weighs more than fat so if you want to gain muscle and drop the number on the scale, you’re probably going to be disappointed. This is why I tell people to STOP paying attention to the number on the scale BUT that’s for another post…

What I want to talk about today is FAT BURN. 

I know for me personally, I’d like to know how I can make my body burn more fat all day long. 

Anyone else?

I started looking into this and what I found was two words that you may or may not have ever heard of, and two simple steps.

The words I’m going to use in this post a lot are INSULIN and GLUCAGON. So just be aware, and don’t let me lose you. The concept is actually pretty straight forward and it makes sense. It’s also an easy fix so let’s get into it!

Right now most people are what we’ll call A SUGAR BURNER. 

If you eat bread, drink sodas, love rice, pancakes, sushi, cookies, pasta, or any other white simple carbs, you’re probably a sugar burner. 

Basically what happens when we eat anything bad for us (simple carbs and sugar), we get a big spike in our blood sugar which makes us feel like we have energy. Our brain thinks that this is an emergency since it was so sudden and signals our pancreas to send out a ton of insulin. 

The insulins job is to LOWER blood sugar by transporting the sugar (glucose) to the muscles and liver. So as it is doing this, the insulin is actually blocking any access to your fat storages because well, sugar is much easier burn QUICKLY. 

Then, if there is any excess glucose that can’t get pushed into the muscles or liver, your body starts storing it as fat. 

So just from eating something bad, our body not only BLOCKS our fat storages from being used as energy but it also DEPOSITS more sugar AS fat. 


So then I read about something called Glucagon (GLUE-CA-GONE) and even though it is also secreted from the pancreas, it has the opposite effect of insulin. Insulin and glucagon are sort of like a see-saw so when one goes up, the other one comes down. 

Glucagon is a FAT BURNING hormone. It literally signals the body to release stored fat and to burn it as fuel. 

SO I basically wanted to know how I could get this Glucagon thing to be signaled to do that, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. 


Brace yourself, it’s only 2 steps. 

1. Eat more LOW GLYCEMIC foods.

Don’t worry, I had to look up low glycemic too. This basically means that by eating low glycemic foods you are consuming foods with less sugar. Anything that is considered LOW GLYCEMIC is considered a food that you can eat that will not spike your blood sugar. 

This tends to be COMPLEX CARBS. Think of things like oats, brown rice, whole grain bread, bananas, lentils and whole grain pasta.

These foods tend to be brown as opposed to white. 


Because a white pasta compared to a brown pasta only means that the white pasta has been stripped of all its nutrients like fiber and vitamins and minerals. This is why it has essentially no color and why it spikes your blood sugar! 

Fiber helps things digest slowly so if you eat something without fiber then it will do exactly what we are trying to avoid and spike your blood sugar. 

Here is a list of low glycemic foods. If you have a question about a particular food just google it 🙂


This is the other way that we are going to turn our bodies into fat burning machines. 

Protein directly stimulates the production of Glucagon. Did you get that?

Protein directly stimulates the production of Glucagon.

Protein directly stimulates the production of Glucagon.

Eating protein tells your body that it is safe to burn fat and it also keeps you fuller for longer periods of time which helps you stay satisfied on a low calorie diet. 

Make it your goal to eat protein with every meal. Nutrition stripped has a perfect layout here of the 10 plant based proteins you should be eating. 

I also found a study that was featured in the Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology where researches did an experiment on rats (gross I know) BUT they injected one group of rats with insulin and the other group of rats with glucagon. 

The rats that received the insulin gained body fat and ate more while the rats with glucagon lost body fat. 

Being a sugar burner means that you are a fat accumulator so try these tips to become an energized fat burner!

If you have any questions or comments leave them below! I love talking with you guys!



  1. I get very useful information from your blog post"Make your body go from a sugar burner to a fat burner in 2-steps".Thanks for sharing wonderful and precious tips for us. Very nice!

  2. Very useful and all clear now why I am running out of fuel so quickly when running. can you do recommendation on how to train to speed up fat burn in stead of sugars? Would low hartrate long duration help? That seems to be logical.

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