Lindsey and I used to work out at LA fitness in San Diego like a trillion times a week and we got so into it at one point that we actually brought our little blender INTO the locker room at the gym so we could make our protein shake as soon as possible HAH so embarrassing. 

We’ve been on trips together where were drowning in tequila and finger foods one second then trying to wake up the next morning to do a hiit workout on the beach. We’ve always been trying to say the least haha. 

I think we’ve both watched each other’s bodies change over the course of the last 5 years so I wanted to chat with Linds about some of the things that really STUCK and started working for her body + the diet that she’s sticking to these days AND tips for slimming down FAST!


 C: I’ve known you for a few years now and I think we both know that our bodies have been on an effing roller coaster of fluctuation. ALTHOUGH, lately you’ve been SUPER consistent and I feel like you’re at a place with your self and your body that feels comfortable. 

What were the things that you changed in order to take your body to the next level?

L: Consistency is 100% the key! The problem is, consistency is hard, haha. To be honest, group fitness really changed my life. It was hard for me to be consistent with just working out at the gym by myself, because I would get bored, or unmotivated, or my workouts would get monotonous.

There is nothing more dreadful than staring at yourself in the mirror on the stair master for an hour every day, listening to the same damn play list. I fell in love with workout classes, an hour of nonstop, challenging exercise, with someone holding you accountable. In and out and on with my day. It is so much easier to be consistent with something you actually like.


C: I feeeel you! I was on a roll when I had class pass and now I feel lie I’m always dragging myself to do workouts on my own. What does a typical day of eating look like for you? And how often do you let yourself indulge?

L: My diet is 80% plant based. I do eat fish sometimes, I love sushi, haha! But no animal protein, and dairy is kept to a very small minimum. Every day is different for me because my schedule fluctuates so much. I typically workout on an empty stomach in the morning, followed by a protein shake. And I don’t usually sit down to eat “meals.” I snack throughout the day.

My fridge is always stocked with fruits and veggies, I love salads and wraps, and juice! I sound totally boring and like  I eat like a rabbit haha, but I promise I don’t. I eat plenty and never feel deprived. I just aim for nutrient dense meals, the more veggies the better! In regards to indulging, I used to allot myself a “cheat meal,” once a week, and honestly, that was horrible. It felt like I was depriving myself al week to live for this one meal the would last 15 min and than be over. I don’t deprive myself ever, if I want something, I have it. As long as I am making healthy decisions 80% of the time, Im fine. 


C: Yeah I remember those days haha, we would slam down Veggie Grill like it was the last super then feel disgusting. NO BUENO. OK um, can we just talk about your hair for a second? It’s long, thick, shiny, goddess hair. HOW??

L: I got it from my mamma! haha, jk, but really. LOL. I honestly have always had long & thick hair, until I started lightening it. But I can say that coconut oil is my secret weapon. I sleep with it combed through dry hair once a week, and it does wonders. Also, regular trims! Don’t bee afraid of cutting it! 


C: For girls that are trying to slim down by next weekend, what are you’re go to tips and why?

L: WATER! For the love of God drink water. Chances are if you are trying to slim down by next weekend its probably for something special, so not only will upping your water intake help you to slim down, but it was also help your skin. Most of the time when we think we are hungry, we are really just thirsty.

Staying hydrated throughout the day will help curb hunger and cravings. Also, for immediate results, cut back on carbs and sodium. But don’t do this long term, this is just for short term results. This would do your body much harm to do for an extended period of time and actually cause you to retain weight, and eat muscle. 


C: Perfect thank you! Okay we have to get into the guy talk because there’s either something worth learning or something worth laughing at…what immediately turns you on when a guy approaches you and what immediately turns you OFF. 

L: If you can make me laugh, you’ve got my attention. And it has to be genuine, not cheesy. We can tell right away if you are genuine or just trying to get in our pants. Seeing as I’m currently taken, I can attest to the fact that my boyfriend has made me laugh and still continues to make me laugh from the second I met him.

Don’t be afraid to be silly or goofy, it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Turn OFF’s… too touchy! Guys that are physically aggressive. If you think grabbing my arm as I walk by is going to get my attention, guess again. Im probably going to turn and look at you with the bitchiest look possible, no matter how hot you are. Be respectful ya’ll 




  1. She’s not certified in anything and some glaring faults a few of her reasoning especially the thirsty part. Of course women will get away with such things and be lauded as fitness gurus despite being quite scrawny or lacking in muscle definition, something that would get a man laughed at if he claims to be about fitness.

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