So I’d say maybe like 5 days ago I felt like I was on my way to a 6 pack and then a day later I looked 3 months pregnant.

Uh yeah so that was frustrating.

I didn’t have a night out drinking. I wasn’t on my period. I didn’t eat 9 gallons of sodium. I just woke up and noticed my stomach wasn’t as flat as it had been for the week prior.

Which by the way doesn’t mean that I was like HUGE, it just means that I looked different.

I’ve been busting my ass with BBG and spin classes and filling my more mellow days yoga so it’s also not like I haven’t been active.

So to wake up and feel kinda shitty all day is SUPER ANNOYING. I think this is something that all of us girls notice right away, even when it’s the SLIGHTEST changes, right?

No one else notices, even though you think they do.

But that doesn’t stop you from thinking about it all day, trying to suck it in, wearing more clothes, etc.

I was thinking about this this morning because after 3 days of feeling a little shitty I woke up today feeling the same way I did a week ago with a flat stomach and no bloating complaints.

Then TONIGHT I had three different veggie sides at a restaurant which sounded like a good idea but they were all cooked in so much oil that SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS I LITERALLY looked 8 months pregnant and felt like I was on my death bed.

I kinda wanted to stab myself but I just forced myself to drink a lot of water and sure enough, 2 hours later, I feel normal again.

I’ve realized that sometimes our body is doing things that we aren’t aware of and don’t understand. The best thing to do is to just carry on with your day the way you normally would.

Drink a lot of water, go to a workout class or hit the gym even though you don’t really want to, and eat 6 small, healthy meals.

I feel like as soon as we start to feel like we’re off our game we reason with ourselves that eating like shit for the rest of the day is a good idea when in reality this just makes us feel worse at the end of the day.

Do you feel like this every happens to you?

If so I’d love to know how you deal!!


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