Katie is one of those girls who’s got the enthusiasm of a cheerleader and the chillness of a friend you’ve had for years. When we met she was going to school, building her YouTube channel, getting into Modeling, and being super kick ass in the social media world. 

She manages to keep a smile on at what seems like ALL TIMES and is one of the most laid back, hard working girls I’ve met in LA who promotes her personality before her looks. 

Read what she has to say about growing up, her current fitness routine, and her thoughts about food with restrictions. 


C: Okay, you’re busy af, you’ve taken like 1 selfie in your life, you don’t care about getting your nails done or going out. You’re basically super laid back and chill which I love while living in a city that’s kind of…the opposite. SO, where did you grow up and what’s one thing you try to live by?

K: Haha I love this question because usually the person that’s interviewing me doesn’t know me very well, but I LOVE that you know this about me!! hahah I’m so not a girly girl in the sense of pampering myself… I still obviously love to take care of myself and my body, but something like getting my nails done isn’t my priority. I think this is because I played sports all my life, and even in college, so IF ever I got my nails or hair done, it would be ruined in like .2 seconds. I would rather spend my money on a good dinner instead:)

I also grew up in Virginia! So it was a bit different than living in LA:) 

The one thing I try to live by.. hmmm.. That is HARD! There are so many little mantras I tell myself daily, but I’d have to say that I’m a pretty positive person. I think being uplifting not only helps you live a happy life, but also the people around you. Positivity is contagious and I think it’s always important to spread it!


C: SAME! Being positive totally helps on a day to day basis and I feel like it just takes more energy to be angry all the time haha. Alrighty FOOD. How close of attention do you pay to what you eat and what (if any) restrictions do you have? Are you vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free or do you just eat whatever sounds good and just focus on fueling your body?

K: I eat pretty clean, but it doesn’t consume my life. I don’t really have to think so hard about any restrictions, I just eat great clean food most of the time, but if I’m feeling like I deserve a burger and fries, then heck I will eat a burger and fries!! I’m kinda a foodie. One of the main reasons I workout is so I can eat all these foods that I love! You probably have heard a saying like this before, but if you don’t make it a “diet” and make it more just your “lifestyle” it’ll be easier on your mind. 

I don’t have any dietary restrictions! I love EVERYTHING hahaha. I can eat… I also think it’s important to have a great variety of foods in your life. Not a vegan, but I do love vegan meals here and there. Not gluten free, but love gluten free meals here and there. I think if there is one “diet” that mine is closest too, though, it would have to be paleo! Without even me trying, I usually eat paleo including some grains and feta/parmesan cheese. 


C: Speaking of food, What advice would you give to girls that want to burn belly fat? I feel like this is a question I get often so I want to see what your take is on it because I’m sure you get the same question often!

K: Honestly, it’s a total mix between fat burning moves and cardio, with eating healthy. You’re not going to burn belly fat by doing 829 sit-ups or just ab targeted exercises. You gotta do it all! You’ve also probably heard it before- that abs are made in the kitchen. This is pretty true! So make sure you’re trying your best with eating great nutrient dense foods for yourself! 


C: I agree 100%. I can hit the gym 5 times a week but if I’m not eating right then I’ll still look bloated. Now what does a week of working out typically look like for you?

K: I workout anywhere between 3-6 days a week. On average around 4-5 days! My week is always changing because of my job, so it just depends on where I am and what kind of time I have. If I only have four days, I’ll work a little harder, if I have 6 days to workout, I’ll go a little easier on my body. I NEVER workout 7 days a week, though! We all need at least one rest day:) I also usually do all in home workouts! Either body weight, or light weight exercises. You can find some of my workouts on my Youtube page, here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCylPQyYqizJtwkH4fddqiwQ or in my guides on my site (GetFitWithKAtie.com)! 


C: Yeah you’re at home workouts are perfect, I don’t know how you keep a smile the entire though ahah serious props for that. One last question that I have to ask (non health and fitness related) aka GUY TALK. DO you have a boyfriend and whether you do or not, what is one thing that the guy you’re with HAS to have? 

K: Welllll lol.. I had a boyfriend for four years, but we broke up a couple weeks ago. And I’m sure all girls out there can agree with me how much breakups just SUCK. Working out has kind of been a little bit therapeutic for me, as it helps clear my mind. And to be honest, taking more time for myself and to focus on my career has been nice. And I love staying positive, and not really letting anything slow me down, SO what I would HAVE to have in a boy would be a sense of humor! I consider myself pretty funny (aka I laugh at my own jokes way too much) so the guy would have to be able to make me laugh!!

C: Eeeeeek I’m Sorry! But thank you for sharing! I’m sure a lot of girls can relate! Stay positive girl and thank you!! 






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