Just like with anything else, when you have a lot of something you begin to develop a habit and a liking for it. This is why if we eat sugar often, we begin to CRAVE sugar. Run a lot? You’re going to actually want to start to run often.

I guess this is what happened with me recently with my juice cravings. Not a bad craving to pick up! lol.

I’ve been on a seriiiious juice kick so it’s been a lot of experimenting and passing the info along to you guys so if you’re not into it, sorry for the juice overload.

This one is allll about holding on to our youth, obvi. THINK EYES AND SKIN!

What you’ll need:

– 1 Green Apple

– 2 Oranges

– 4 Carrots

– Pineapple

– Tumeric

Get everything cut up 🙂 You can see how I cut a pineapple on my insta.

Also, take note that I like to take the rind off my oranges so you don’t get the taste of the peel in there. 

Grab 4 Slices of pineapple for this juice. 

Let’s talk benefits!!

The two main things in this juice that are going to keep you looking young are the carrots and oranges 🙂

Benefits of Carrots:

– Vitamin A assists the Liver in flushing out toxins and CLEANSES our body!! (Check out my next post on how to avoid the flu to see why detoxing is so important).

– Carrots are rich in something called beta-carotene which actually gets converted in our retina (crazy) into a purple pigment that we need in order to have night vision! Our bodies are amazing. 

– AND the beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant to cell damage that has been done throughout the body AND slows down the aging of cells!

Benefits of Oranges: 

– Oranges are great for lowering cholesterol levels fyi because of their high amounts of insoluble fiber.

– Oranges are also PACKED with beta-carotene which again protects the cells from being damaging and prevents SIGNS of aging!

xoxo CR

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