After somehow getting invited to go to an event in Los Angeles earlier this year with babes from all over the world, I ran into this girl with some major good vibes who resides in New York and rocks an ausi accent.

I think we bonded first over the fact that we didn’t really know how the fuck we got so lucky to be at this event, and at the same time, we couldn’t wait to finish the run through downtown LA so we could throw our jackets on and grab a perfectly balanced whisky sour.

It’s allll about balance. 

I wanted to bring her to your attention because in a time where you can’t seem to escape pictures of girls with Supreme Louis Vuitton gear, lip liner, and out of this world asses…Sarita brings to you a refreshing sense of realism along with an appreciation for the simple things.

(Like pottery, dope music and scenic New York sunsets).

I asked her a few questions regarding her plans, her health and fitness, and of course, her go to drink.



C: Hey girl! So just by reading your short about me on your site we know that you’re a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, fitness enthusiast, and a blogger. We’re these all things that you went to school for or did you teach yourself?

S: I studied graphic design at Billy Blue College of Design in Australia but as an arts student I was always interested in other creative pursuits. My mum was a photographer so I’d always had a passion for cameras and photography. Illustration was also something I just developed alongside as more of hobby, I like to draw so it comes quite naturally to me. As a brand designer, they all play a role in my work in some way today.

Fitness is much more of a newer hobby for me. Since moving the the US, I’ve been increasingly focussed on my heath and I have found that being more active makes me happier. The blog is just my way of sharing some of these newer discoveries while being able to create at the same time.


C: I liked how it actually says in your bio “and for now….a blogger”. Do you see yourself doing something completely different in a few years? Like, are you the kind of person that makes a 5 year plan and sticks to it or are you more of a go with the flow girl?

S: I’m definitely more of the latter. I love planning but I also know that I tend to get bored easily. Ever since I was young I’ve always been very curious. That’s why I like to travel but also why I find it hard to stay in one place for too long, whether that’s in a city or a job. I like to better myself by doing research and acquiring new skills and I think I just like the idea of leaving things open to chance and discovery.


C: I know from meeting you for the Asics event that we are both super down for a fitness class followed by some cocktails (HOLLA). What’s your go-to drink when you want a something to sip on but don’t want to worry about the calories?

S: I love to pair wine with food. Again, I think it’s all about learning & discovery. I’m always blown away with how well certain flavors can complement each other. Plus, I just love food. I’ll opt for dinner over drinks anytime.

When it does come to cocktails, I tend to go through phases. I had a pretty dedicated old fashioned phase for a while, then it was mezcal, then became all about whisky sours. If I’m having more than one then my go-to is always tequila reposado with San Pellegrino & lime. While I find other drinks get too sickly and sweet I can sip on these all night long (usually midnight these days) while feeling that I’m also somewhat hydrating.


C: When it comes to fitness, what have you learned totally works for your body and what just doesn’t.

S: I’m not a cardio person but since discovering soul cycle I’ve been able to work that into my routine pretty regularly. I think it’s the music. Give me some good hip hop and I’m down. I love lifting but I suffer from carpal tunnel, & sciatica so I have to be careful and I can only push myself so far. I often need a week off from time to time to properly recover when I’ll focus more on stretching and doing more hot yoga.

On average I’ll spin a couple of times a week and the same for weights and for yoga. For me fitness is really all about balance. I know it’s a cliche but, after all, they’re cliches for a reason!


C: What does a day with your diet look like?

S: No two days are ever the same. I’ve always admired those people who can meal prep on a Sunday and see it through the week but that’s never been me. I think it’s because I love food too much. It’s the asian in me. Food is such a big part of my life that I like the freedom to know I can still wonder now and again.

Ever since I experimented with macro counting I try my best to get a good balance of carbs, protein & fat, along with greens. I use myfitnesspal as a rough guide to help me track this but of course there’s some days where things go awry, usually weekends when I’m going out with my boyfriend and our friends for dinner. On those days I often just grant myself a pass and pick it up the next day. After all, life’s too short right?




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