Breaking News: I’m a tea person

You know why I think I always hated tea? Because if I want to wake up, I want to do it now. I don’t want to wait for that to happen because it’s hard enough. Which is why every morning for who knows how long I’d wake up and get a double shot capp with some foamed almond milk and get on with it.

But! Just over the last two days I’ve been drinking tea in the morning and at work because I figured mayyyybe I shouldn’t be spending 30 dollars a week on coffee..(I never allowed myself to do the math till just now. That’s ridiculous. Sorry wallet )

And then a miracle happened yesterday. I got up at 5:30, took a shower, got ready, ran some errands and was 30 minutes early to my 7:30 am interview.

I actually knew what I wanted to get at the grocery store WITHOUT a list. That definitely never happens I’m indecisive as fuuuuh.

And then I usually fall asleep at 11:30, whether I’m in bed or driving (super scary) but last night I got home at midnight and cleaned my entire house AND woke up at 7 today.

All I’m saying is this tea has some serious benefits and if you can manage to wait a little bit for the energy to kick in, then you’ll have lasting energy all day. You think more clearly, you have endurance while you’re working out, it helps with your waist line and helps rid of toxins from your body.

Black tea has the most caffeine so I reach for either 2 cups of that or some Japanese green tea with honey.

Give it a try 🙂

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