There’s nothing worse than killing it in the gym and waking up the next morning feeling like you’re a fucking slab of concrete.

Literally last week my calf was on another level of sore AND I had already signed up for BARRY’S BOOTCAMP through Classpass for the next day so I had to go. 

It was nothing but intervals and uphill sprints then abs. The next day I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t pick up drinks at work, I was stretching like a damn old person and wanted to die.

I know what it takes to not get so sore but sometimes even I forget to take care of myself so I’m writing this post as a reminder for me and maybe even you! 

1. Drink 3 Liters of Water Daily 

This will help to keep our muscles hydrated and it will help flush out the lactic acid that builds up after working out. Too much of that in your body and you will for sure be feeling 89 years old .

2. Get Your Protein 

When we work out we are tearing tiny little muscle fibers so we need to give them what they need to REBUILD or else it’s just going to be SUPER uncomfortable. A few hours after we workout AND while we sleep are the two main times that our bodies go through serious muscle repair so it’s beneficial to have a green protein smoothie within an hour after you work out and even before bed if you want!

3. Stretch

This will help to reduce soreness and it will also help build long leaaaaan muscles!! When we workout we are contracting our muscles making them short and tight. When we stretch we increase flexibility and increase mobility. The one thing you realize you DON’T have when you’re sore AF.

4. Omega’s

So when we are super sore a lot of it is due to inflammation. We can reduce inflammation simply through our diet so I suggest having something like my anti-hangover juice, avocado, walnuts, and salmon since those are all packed with omegas! 

5. Foam Roll

I bought a black foam roller on amazon for like 10 bucks or something. You seriously neeeeed one! It’s like the only thing that’s going to get you that myofascial release. This is basically tissue that connecting your muscles to your bones which is obviously going to make you feel SORE. This will get in there and break it up. Just make sure you drink tons of water after so that you can flush out all those nasty toxins. 

6. Keep it Moving

Even though you can’t even walk down stairs you need to keep your circulation going. A yoga class would probably be your best bet. It gets your blood and oxygen flowing while detoxing you through twists and stretching. Getting your circulation going will help repair your muscles faster than just sitting around. 

Have any other tips? Comment below!


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