Sundays are AKA a lot of things. No bra and pants day, fun day, cheat day, cleaning day, and sometimes it’s the, i’m fu**Ing hungover and i’m not moving day. With a side of no guilt.

But we still want to enjoy our Sundays so even though we have to pay for that Saturday night a little bit, we’d rather not spend all day doing it. 

These are the things you want to eat and drink the day after a night out to get back to 100, real quick.

Eggs: These are incredible toxin destroyers. They have a lot of “cysteine” which is an amino acid that can break down toxins that your body has yet to. They also have a lot of B Vitamins which have been found to reduce hangover symptoms. 

Coconut Water: When we drink, our entire body (including our brain) is sucked dry. (gross) So after a night of drinking we need to be thinking WATER. WATER. WATER. Coconut water refuels you with hydration and electrolytes, sports drinks also have electrolytes but they also have a lot of artificial colors and ingredients so just reach for the better option.

Ginger: Ginger needs to be your new BFF. It helps with digestion the morning after drinking, eases bloating, indigestions and nausea. After you get a little food in your stomach take a small shot of ginger. if the flavor itself makes you want to vomit just go get some ginger pills and take 2 pills every hour with water.

Tomato Juice: VIRGIN PEOPLE!! I know a drink when your dying sounds like the best option but its just numbing you, the hangover is inevitable. BUT it’s a good idea to get a virgin mary because your body it too busy metabolizing the booze to produce an adequate amount of glucose. Glucose is the primary energy source for your brain so if you’re running low then you’re going to be feeling irritable and pissy. Get some sugah in ya.

Bananas: We know these for packing a lot of potassium. POTASSIUM (or lack there of) has been linked to high blood pressure and weak, shaky muscles. When you drink, your body pulls water from your cells which is why you urinate a lot when you first start drinking. A lot of things get flushed out of you including potassium. 1 banana can get those levels right back to normal and help get you stable.


Now go have a girls night or get some cocktails with your boyfriend so you can try these tips tomorrow 😉





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