I get that it’s December and everyone’s in sweaters but STILL is there anything better than getting inside, taking your sweater off and being able to show off your super toned, sexy arms?

Unfortunately, my job missed the memo that it’s WINTER so we’re forced to wear sleeveless dresses, at night, every night, in 60 degree weather SO I’ve been a little more on my game in the upper body department. 

Thanks work…I guess.

But my arms fluctuate like a motha so when I actually start to work on them, people notice pretty quick. 

I’ve realized that it really doesn’t take much for us girls to show off some lean arms, it’s just that we never really give them enough work for them to change.

I mean, it makes sense right? We can’t keep complaining that we don’t like our arms and then admit to everyone that we only do spin class, you know? Doesn’t really make sense. 

So in three weeks I’ve managed to tone up thanks to a few exercises twice a week + my MRM supplement L-Carnitine….!!

Alright, start doing this 30 minute arm workout twice a week plus some cardio in between and you’ll notice sexier arms in less than 2 weeks. 


PART ONE (set your timer for 7 minutes and continue to do these exercises until the timer goes off).

– 20 Push ups

– 15 Squats + Overhead press (10-20 pounds)

– 20 Triceps Dips

– 15 Burpees + a push up

PART TWO (set your timer for 7 minutes and continue to do these exercises until the timer goes off).

– 30 ‘Girl Pushups’ (keep your feet lifted above your bum and your elbows in tight next to the sides of your body).

– 16 Commandos

– 50 Mario Carts (Hold a 10 pound weight directly out in front of you and rotate it from side to side like your steering a wheel. You will start to feel a burn in your shoulders).

– 15 Side lateral shoulder raises.

NOW…go back and do part one again, then move on to do part 2 a second time. The whole workout should take about 30 minutes. 


L-CARNITINE. This is a product that I SWEAR by from MRM-USA. I take a cap full every morning before I hit the gym and I TOTALLY notice a difference in my focus and energy, as well as how fast I tone up. 

L-Carnitine is meant to basically start allowing your body to use your fat sources as FUEL during your workouts. This way you start to burn way more fat which allows you to slim down. 

I’ve been taking it religiously for a few months now and I just started taking a cap and a half, but start with one for a while and notice how much different you feel!

If you want to get the MRM L-Carnitine that I use, then you can get it here for 40% off when you just use my code CHELSEY at checkout! 40% off! That’s amazing!


As much as I know we want to just do a bunch of sit ups and get abs, I know people assume the same thing when it comes to arms, or getting a bigger ass. We want to think that we can do what is called “spot tone” which means we like to think that we can just do a bunch of squats and get a whole new ass or do a million biceps curls and get new arms. 

BUT, as much as it does help FOR SURE, we still need to incorporate cardio. Cardio allows us to burn calories ALL OVERA OUR BODY. This will reduce fat in our arms, abs, and ass, all at the same time. Winning right?

So start doing 45 minutes of cardio every other day. You can run outside, swim, ride a bike, walk uphill on the treadmill, do the elliptical…whatever you want. 



Monday – 45 minutes steady state cardio.

Tuesday – 30 Minute Arms Workout

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – 45 minutes Steady State Cardio

Friday – 30 Minute Arms Workout

Saturday – 45 Minutes Steady State Cardio

Sunday – Rest Day 


Let me know how it goes! XOXO

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