Okay I don’t want to scare you of but at the same time, let’s just jump to the point, shall we?

in order to start toning you’re going to want to start lifting heavy weights, don’t be scared, you’re not going to turn into a man haha, it takes A LOT of work to do that and our bodies aren’t the same as men. 

 I lift heavy often for my legs and booty because, well, i want toned legs and a big booty! DUH. For my arms I tend to lift lighter weights because I just want to maintain what I have, i don’t want to make the muscles there much bigger.

In order to build muscle we also need to FEED our muscles! We need to make sure we are giving them the proper nutrients before and after working out.Before a workout I eat COMPLEX CARBS! Something like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, or ezekiel bread to FUEL my muscles and then AFTER I workout I need to FEED my muscles protein so that they can rebuild! This is either a protein shake, tuna, tofu, egg whites, or beans with avocado.

The heaviest I’m doing right now for legs is about 85 for the leg press, and then i’ll do lunges, squats, and dead lifts with a 30 lb barbell. 
You should start much less than me then work your way up!!

Embrace the soreness 🙂 Or catch this blog on how to actually help seriously avoid being super effing sore. 

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